"One Book" Reading Promotion Projects

Selected List by Author

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“Nothing But the Truth”
     Loudoun County (Virginia) 2008

Christina Baker Kline
“Orphan Train”
     Dayton (Ohio) 2016

Frank Abagnale & Stan Redding
“Catch Me If You Can”
     Indianapolis (Indiana) 2005-06

Shirley Abbott
“Bookmaker's Daughter”
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2006

Peter Abrahams
“Dog On It”
     Norwell (Massachusetts) 2010

Diana Abu-Jaber
     McMinnville (Oregon) 2008

Chinua Achebe
“Things Fall Apart”
     Ithaca/Tompkins County (New York) 2005
     Princeton (New Jersey) 2008

Diane Ackerman
“Zookeeper's Wife”
     San Diego (California) 2009

Sheila Kay Adams
“My Old True Love”
     Pittsboro (North Carolina) 2006

James Agee
“Death in the Family”
     Knox County, Knoxville, Farragut (Tennessee) 2003
     Oak Ridge (Tennessee) 2005

Mitch Albom
“Five People You Meet In Heaven”
     Pico Rivera (California) 2004
     Grand County (Colorado) 2004
     Hanson (Massachusetts) 2006
     Henderson (Nevada) 2007 (Oct., Nov.)
     Farmingdale (New York) 2005
     Sumner (Washington) 2005
“Tuesdays with Morrie”
     Long Beach (California) 2002 April 29-May 5
     Middletown (Connecticut) 2004
     Broward County (Florida) 2004
     Princeton (Illinois) 2003
     Brownsburg (Indiana) 2005
     Connersville (Indiana) 2003
     Jay County (Indiana) 2004 Feb.- Apr.
     Madison (Indiana) 2004
     Shelby County (Indiana) 2004
     Valparaiso (Indiana) 2004 April
     Vincennes (Indiana) 2003
     Quincy (Massachusetts) 2004
     Springfield (Massachusetts) 2007
     Duluth (Minnesota) 2003
     Virginia (Minnesota) 2003
     Cape Girardeau (Missouri) 2004
     Roswell (New Mexico) 2004
     Clayton (Ohio) 2004
     Findlay-Hancock County (Ohio) 2003
     Lancaster and York Counties (Pennsylvania) 2003
     Fayette County (Georgia) 2008

Bess Streeter Aldrich
“Lantern in Her Hand”
     * State-wide program (Nebraska) 2009

Lloyd Alexander
“How the Cat Swallowed Thunder”
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2004
     Westwood (Massachusetts) 2004 (children) -

William Alexander
“$64 Tomato”
     Central Valley (New York) 2008

Robert Alexander (R. D. Zimmerman)
“Kitchen Boy”
     Mahtomedi (Minnesota) 2004

Sherman Alexie
“Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”
     Rome/Floyd County (Georgia) 2008
     College Station + Bryan (Texas) 2009
     Malden (Massachusetts) 2013
“Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfigt in Heaven”
     Park City (Utah) 2013

Isabel Allende
“Daughter of Fortune”
     Marin (California) 2007
     San Mateo County (California) 2007
     Santa Clarita (California) 2006
     Colorado Springs (Colorado) 2007
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2007
     Sierra Madre (California) 2010
“[The works of]”
     Seattle (Washington) 2004

Isabelle Allende
     Sonoma County (California) 2006

Jay Allison & Dan Gediman with John Gregory, Viki Merrick (editors)
“This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women”
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2008

Steve Almond
     Wilbraham (Massachusetts) 2007
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2013

Julia Alvarez
“How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents”
     San Bernardino (California) 2007
     Ingham County (Michigan) 2003
     Long Island (New York) 2003
     Tacoma (Washington) 2004
     Cambridge (Massachusetts) 2008
“In the Time of Butterflies”
     Highland Park (Illinois) 2009 (Spring)
“In the Time of the Butterflies”
     Chicago (Illinois) 2004 (Fall)
     Forsyth County (North Carolina) 2005
     Park City (Utah) 2006

Rudolfo Anaya
“Bless Me, Ultima”
     Yuma (Arizona) 2003
     Mesa County (Colorado) 2004
     Albuquerque (New Mexico) 2005 (fall) -
     New Paltz (New York) 2007 (TBR)
     Austin (Texas) 2002
     Corpus Christi (Texas) 2007 (TBR)
     Houston (Texas) 2007
     Arlington (Virginia) 2007 (TBR)
     Racine (Wisconsin) 2001

Rudolfo A. Anaya
“Bless Me, Ultima”
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2005

Laurie Halse Anderson
“Fever 1793”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2004 (young readers) -
     Saginaw Area (Michigan) 2005
     New York City (New York) 2005
     Appleton (Wisconsin) 2005

Andy Andrews
     Fairhope (Alabama) 2009

Maya Angelou
“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”
     Rome/Floyd County (Georgia) 2007
     Kankakee County (Illinois) 2005
     Forsyth County (North Carolina) 2004

Tamim Ansary
“West Kabul, East of New York”
     Waco (Texas) 2004
“West of Kabul, East of New York: An Afghan American Story”
     San Francisco (California) 2008

Marie Arana
“American Chica”
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2009

Gustavo Arellano
“Orange County: A Personal History”
     Fullerton (California) 2011

John Armistead
“Return of Gabriel”
     Starkville (Mississippi) 2006 (spring) -

Jennifer Armstrong
“Shipwrecked At the Bottom of the World”
     Hanson (Massachusetts) 2004
“Spirit of Endurance”
     Williamstown (Massachusetts) 2005 Feb. (kids) -

Lance Armstrong
“It's Not About the Bike”
     Bakersfield (California) 2004 (adults) -

Nick Arvin
“Articles of War”
     Denver (Colorado) 2007

Mawi Asgedom
“Of Beetles and Angels”
     Batavia (Illinois) 2004
     Evanston (Illinois) 2007-08 -
     Brown County (Green Bay) (Wisconsin) 2006

Jay Asher
“Thirteen Reasons Why”
     Huntington Beach (California) 2013

Rilla Askew
“Fire in Beulah”
     * State-wide program (Oklahoma) 2007
“Mercy Seat”
     Bartlesville (Oklahoma) 2007

Ace Atkins
“White Shadow”
     Starkville (Mississippi) 2007 (Fall)

Richard and Florence Atwater
“Mr. Popper's Penguins”
     Orlando (Florida) 2007

Jane Austen
“Pride and Prejudice”
     Sarasota/Manatee Counties (Florida) 2006
     Chicago (Illinois) 2005 (Fall)
     Ipswich (Massachusetts) 2007

Paul Auster
“Invention of Solitude”
     Buffalo (New York) 2005

Paul Austin
“Something for the Pain”
     Durham (North Carolina) 2009

Thomas Fox Averill
“What Kansas Means to Me”
     * State-wide program (Kansas) 2011

Kathryn Ayres
“Up, Down and Around”
     * State-wide program (Kansas) 2010

Paolo Bacigalupi
“Ship Breaker”
     Gunnison and Crested Butte (Colorado) 2011

Fredrick Backman
“Man Called Ove”
     Malden (Massachusetts) 2017

Jo Baker
     Santa Monica (California) 2015

Larry Baker
“Flamingo Rising”
     Pinellas (Florida) 2006

Christina Baker Kline
“Orphan Train”
     Allen (Texas) 2015

David Baldacci
“Wish You Well”
     Farmingdale (New York) 2007
     * State-wide program (Rhode Island) 2003 (January - May):
     Lynchburg (Virginia) 2005
     Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties (Virginia) 2006
     * Country-wide program (* Regional program) 2001
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2011
“Wish You Well, Absolute Power, Hour Game”
     Huntsville (Alabama) 2005

James Baldwin
“Go Tell It on the Mountain”
     Chicago (Illinois) 2007 (Spring) -

Molly Bang
“Common Ground”
     Pagosa Springs (Colorado) 2006 May

Russell Banks
“Sweet Hereafter”
     Vigo County (Indiana) 2005
     Rochester (New York) 2002
     Seattle (Washington) 1998
     Wilton (Connecticut) 2007

Charles Barkley
“Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man”
     South Orange/Maplewood (New Jersey) 2006

Nevada Barr
     Pagosa Springs (Colorado) 2007 (fiction)

Andrea Barrett
“Servants of the Map”
     Rochester (New York) 2005
“Air We Breathe”
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2009

T.A. Barron
“Lost Years of Merlin”
     Castle Rock (Colorado) 2009 (Teen-)

Laura Bates
“Shakespeare Saved My Life”
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2015

Tom Batiuk
“Lisa's Story: The Ohter Shoe”
     Alliance (Ohio) 2015

Joan Bauer
“Hope Was Here”
     Saginaw Area (Michigan) 2002
“[The works of]”
     Farmingdale (New York) 2008

L. Frank Baum
“Wizard of Oz”
     Chatham (Cape Cod/Barnstable County) (Massachusetts) 2005
“Wonderful Wizard of Oz”
     Sierra Madre (California) 2007
     Lawrence (Kansas) 2004 Feb.
     Louisburg (Kansas) 2009
“Wonderful World of Oz”
     Enfield (Connecticut) 2003 June - Sept.
     Ridgefield (Connecticut) 2003
     Westport (Connecticut) 2008

Ishmael Beah
“Long Way Gone”
     Multnomah County/Portland (Oregon) 2008
“Long Way Gone: Memoirs of Boy Soldier”
     Austin (Texas) 2008

Melba Pattillo Beals
“Warriors Don't Cry”
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2004 January
     Logan (Utah) 2006

Colin Beavan
“No Impact Man”
     Highland Park (Illinois) 2009 (Fall)

Lauren Belfer
“City of Light”
     Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) 2003 (spring) -
     Bradford (Pennsylvania) 2008

Bill Belleville
“River of Lakes”
     Central Florida (Florida) 2005

Joel ben Izzy
“Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness”
     Racine (Wisconsin) 2007

David Benioff
“City of Thieves”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2009

Sandra Benitez
“Place Where the Sea Remembers”
     Rockford (Illinois) 2006
     Austin (Minnesota) 2002
“Weight of All Things”
     Eden Prairie (Minnesota) 2008

John Berendt
“Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”
     Gainesville (Florida) 2008

Elizabeth Berg
“Art of Mending”
     * State-wide program (South Dakota) 2004
“We Are All Welcome Here”
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2010

H. G. Bissinger
“Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Team, and a Dream”
     Saratoga (California) 2005
     Evansville (Indiana) 2007
     Galveston County (Texas) 2005
     Mansfield (Texas) 2008 April

H.G. Bissinger
“Friday Night Lights”
     Tuscarawas County (Ohio) 2009

Sara Blake
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2011

Doris Bloodsworth
“Images of America”
     Groveland (Florida) 2009

Fergus Bodewich
“Bound for Canaan”
     Cambria County (Pennsylvania) 2008

Chris Bohjalian
“Before You Know Kindness”
     Wilmette (Illinois) 2006
     Augusta (Maine) 2006
     Wilmington (Massachusetts) 2007
     Richardson (Texas) 2008
“Buffalo Soldier”
     Windsor (Connecticut) 2005
“Double Bind”
     Conway (Mt. Washington Valley) (New Hampshire) 2009
“Skeletons at the Feast”
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2009
“Buffalo Soldier”
     Evansville (Indiana) 2005
     Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) 2004 (adults) -
     Rochester (New York) 2007
“Double Bind”
     Springfield (Illinois) 2007
“Sandcastle Girls”
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2013
“Water Witches”
     Northampton (Massachusetts) 2004
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2005
     Southampton (Massachusetts) 2008

Ulrich Boser
“Gardner Heist”
     Milton (Massachusetts) 2013

Anthony Bourdain
“Kitchen Confidential”
     Rockford (Illinois) 2007

T. C. Boyle
“Tortilla Curtain”
     Carlsbad (California) 2004
     Santa Barbara (California) 2002
     Sierra Madre (California) 2005
     Silicon Valley (California) 2006-07
     Johnson County (Iowa) 2006
     Marquette (Michigan) 2006
     Aliso Viejo (California) 2005
     Bakersfield (California) 2003 (adults) -
     Laguna Beach (California) 2006 Oct. - 2007 Mar.
     San Joaquin County (California) 2003
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2008
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2006
     Galveston County (Texas) 2004

T.C. Boyle
“Tortilla Curtain”
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2008
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2009
“When the Killing's Done”
     Thousand Oaks (California) 2012

Ray Bradbury
“Dandelion Wine”
     Lake Villa (Illinois) 2004
“Fahrenheit 451”
     Anchorage (Alaska) 2007
     Safford City (Graham County) (Arizona) 2007
     Fayetteville (Arkansas) 2007
     Bakersfield (California) 2005
     Carlsbad (California) 2006
     Concord (California) 2007
     Long Beach (California) 2005
     Sierra Madre (California) 2009
     Los Angeles (California) 2002 April
     Nevada County (California) 2005
     Redwood City (California) 2007
     Santa Clarita Valley (California) 2007
     Silicon Valley (California) 2004
     Sonoma County (California) 2007
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2003
     Glastonbury (Connecticut) 2005
     Norwalk (Connecticut) 2008
     Jacksonville (Florida) 2003
     Palm Beach (Florida) 2002 March - April
     Boise (Idaho) 2006
     Bloomington-Normal (Illinois) 2005
     Kankakee County (Illinois) 2003
     Libertyville (Illinois) 2006
     Peoria (Illinois) 2008 (TBR)
     Allen County (Fort Wayne) (Indiana) 2003
     Bloomington (Indiana) 2007 (TBR)
     Carmel (Indiana) 2003 (adult) -
     Lafayette (Indiana) 2002
     Topeka (Kansas) 2007 (TBR)
     Baton Rouge (Louisiana) 2008
     Bridgewater (Massachusetts) 2008-09 #1 -
     Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) 2003 (adults) -
     South Hadley (Massachusetts) 2006
     Springfield (Massachusetts) 2006
     East Lansing (Michigan) 2002
     Kalamazoo (Michigan) 2003 Feb. 17- March 30
     South Haven (Michigan) 2007
     Omaha (Nebraska) 2004
     Northern Nevada (and the Tahoe region of northern California) (Nevada) 2007
     * State-wide program (New Hampshire) 2007 (TBR)
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2003
     Utica (New York) 2004
     Wake County (North Carolina) 2003
     Delaware County (Ohio) 2003 July
     Greater Cleveland Area (Ohio) 2003 Feb-Apr
     Claremore (Oklahoma) 2006
     Multnomah County/Portland (Oregon) 2004
     Erie (Pennsylvania) 2004
     Houston (Texas) 2003
     Tacoma (Washington) 2003 Feb.
     Sweetwater County (Wyoming) 2007
     Norwood (Massachusetts) 2008
     Pittsfield (Massachusetts) 2011

James Bradley
“Flags of Our Fathers”
     Lafayette (Indiana) 2007
     Traverse City (Michigan) 2007

Kate Braestrup
“Here if You Need Me”
     Conway (Mt. Washington Valley) (New Hampshire) 2008
“Here if You Need Me: A True Story”
     Bedford (Massachusetts) 2008

Rick Bragg
“All Over But the Shoutin'”
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2003 #1 -
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2003
     Evansville (Indiana) 2003
     Cape Girardeau (Missouri) 2003
     Henry County (Tennessee) 2004
     Jackson-Madison County (Tennessee) 2004
     Rutherford County (Tennessee) 2003
     Kalamazoo (Michigan) 2009
“Ava's Man”
     Mobile (Alabama) 2002
     Monroe (Louisiana) 2005
     Carroll County (Maryland) 2007

Sonny Brewer
“Poet of Tolstoy Park”
     Fairhope (Alabama) 2005
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2006 (fall) -

Andrew Bridge
“Hope's Boy”
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2010

Kevin Brockmeier
“Brief History of the Dead”
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2007

Tom Brokaw
“Boom!: Voices of the Sixties Personal Reflections on the '60's”
     Manchester (Massachusetts) 2009
“Greatest Generation”
     Long Beach (California) 2007
     Broomfield (Colorado) 2007
     Iola (Kansas) 2006 #2
     Carroll County (Maryland) 2002
     Clayton (Ohio) 2002
     Temple (Texas) 2004-05

Geraladine Brooks
     North Andover (Massachusetts) 2008 (adult)

Geraldine Brooks
“Caleb's Crossing”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2012
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2012
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2015
     La Canada Flintridge (California) 2006
     Prior Lake-Savage (Minnesota) 2006-07 (adult)
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2009-10
     Holliston (Massachusetts) 2007
     Hanover (New Hampshire) 2009
     Lake Villa (Illinois) 2008
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2011
“People of the Book”
     Sandwich (Massachusetts) 2009 (adult)
“Year of Wonders”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2004 (adult)-

Amy Belding Brown
“Mr. Emerson's Wife”
     East of the Connecticut River (Towns of Andover, Bolton, Colchester, Columbia, Glastonbury , Hebron, Manchester, Marlborough, and Portland) (Connecticut) 2007

Carie Brown
“Rope Walk”
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2009

Jennifer Brown
“Hate List”
     Louisburg (Kansas) 2011

Mary Ward Brown
“It Wasn't All Dancing and Other Stories”
     Decatur (Alabama) 2002

Oral Lee Brown
     Manchester (Connecticut) 2006

Sandra Brown
     Mansfield (Texas) 2012

Robert Bruel
“Bob and Otto”
     Miami-Dade area (Florida) 2007

Joseph Bruhac
“[The works of]”
     Naperville (Illinois) 2009 (children)-

Louella Bryant
“While in Darkness There is Light”
     Hamilton-Wenham (Massachusetts) 2009

Bill Bryson
“Walk in the Woods”
     Augusta (Maine) 2004
     South Portland (Maine) 2005
     Ipswich (Massachusetts) 2006
     North Reading (Massachusetts) 2008
     Norton (Massachusetts) 2006 (adult #2) -
     Norwell (Massachusetts) 2007
     Pittsfield (Massachusetts) 2008
     Contoocook (New Hampshire) 2002
     Tiffin (Ohio) 2007
     Cambria County (Pennsylvania) 2005
     Centre County (Pennsylvania) 2006
     Cumberland-Dauphin Counties (Pennsylvania) 2003
     Erie (Pennsylvania) 2005
     Monson (Massachusetts) 2007
     Groton (Massachusetts) 2008
     Princeton (Massachusetts) 2009
     Hamilton-Wenham (Massachusetts) 2008
     Southwick (Massachusetts) 2005
     Central Valley (New York) 2010

Marina Budhos
“Ask Me No Questions”
     Mount Prospect (Illinois) 2007 (grades 7-10)

Olive Ann Burns
“Cold Sassy Tree”
     Howard County (Indiana) 2005

Octavia Butler
     Pasadena (California) 2006
     Rochester (New York) 2003
     Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 2002

Bo Caldwell
“Distant Land of My Father”
     Pasadena (California) 2007
     Silicon Valley (California) 2008

A. E. Cannon
“Charlotte's Rose”
     Salt Lake City (Utah) 2005-06 (children/young readers) -

Ottaviani Cannon and Cannon
“T-Minus: The Race to the Moon”
     Allen (Texas) 2011

Truman Capote
“In Cold Blood”
     * State-wide program (Kansas) 2008 (January) -
     El Dorado (Kansas) 2008

Orson Scott Card
“Ender's Game”
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2005
     Forsyth County (North Carolina) 2007
     Lynchburg (Virginia) 2006
     Spokane Area (Washington) 2004

Nancy Carlson
“[The works of]”
     Fergus Falls (Minnesota) 2005

Margaret Carney
“Biggest Fish in the Lake”
     Roswell (Georgia) 2007 (children)

Lewis Carroll
“Alice's Adventures in Wonderland”
     Colorado Springs (Colorado) 2006

Rachel Carson
“Silent Spring”
     Bridgewater (Massachusetts) 2008-09 #2 -
     Winona (Minnesota) 2006
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2011

Jimmy Carter
“An Hour Before Daylight”
     Columbus (Georgia) 2003
     Flint/Genesee County (Michigan) 2003 April
“Hornet's Nest”
     Huntsville (Alabama) 2004

Lorene Cary
“Price of a Child”
     Buffalo (New York) 2003
     Clarion (Pennsylvania) 2003-04
     Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) 2003
     Warren County (Pennsylvania) 2004

Michael Tougias, Casey Sherman
“Finest Hours”
     Abington (Massachusetts) 2015

Vera Caspery
     Starkville (Mississippi) 2007 (Fall)

Willa Cather
“Death Comes for the Archbishop”
     Albuquerque (New Mexico) 2006 (spring) -
“My Antonia”
     Chicago (Illinois) 2002 (Fall)
     Fox Valley (communities of Aurora, Montgomery, North Aurora, and Oswego) (Illinois) 2007 (TBR)
     Ames (Iowa) 2007
     Fergus Falls (Minnesota) 2007 (TBR)
     * State-wide program (Nebraska) 2005
     Western North Carolina (North Carolina) 2008 (TBR)
     * State-wide program (South Dakota) 2007 (TBR)
     Timberland Region (5 county, 27 library district) (Washington) 2007 (TBR)
“O Pioneers!”
     Brownsburg (Indiana) 2003
     Howard County (Indiana) 2004

Michael Chabon
“Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay”
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2012
“Final Solution”
     Kansas City (Missouri) 2007

Michael Chabon . . .
“My California”
     Long Beach (California) 2006

Raymond Chandler
“Big Sleep”
     Seward (Nebraska) 2007
“Lady in the Lake”
     Santa Monica (California) 2012
“Long Goodbye”
     Chicago (Illinois) 2008

Dan Chaon
“Await Your Reply”
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2010

Fern Schumer Chapman
     Racine (Wisconsin) 2004
“Motherland: Beyond the Holocaust”
     Davenport (Iowa) 2005

Lynne Cherry
“Great Kapok Tree”
     Northwest Indiana (Indiana) 2007 (early readers)

Tracy Chevalier
“Girl With a Pearl Earring”
     Lake Villa (Illinois) 2005 #1
     Naperville (Illinois) 2004

Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme
“My Life in France”
     Carlsbad (California) 2011

Eileen Christelow
“Great Pig Search”
     Allen (Texas) 2012

Matt Christopher
“On the Bike with Lance Armstrong”
     Bakersfield (California) 2004 (juvenile) -

Sandra Cisneros
     Denver (Colorado) 2005
     Boise (Idaho) 2005
     Saratoga Springs (New York) 2007
     Fort Worth (Texas) 2003
“House on Mango Street”
     Jacksonville (Florida) 2004
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2004
     Escondido (California) 2007
     Los Angeles (California) 2003
     Pico Rivera (California) 2002
     Sonoma County (California) 2004
     Multnomah County/Portland (Oregon) 2005
     College Station + Bryan (Texas) 2006
     Irving (Texas) 2007
     Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 2003

Chris Cleave
“Little Bee”
     Santa Monica (California) 2010
     Seattle (Washington) 2011

Margaret Coel
“Killing Raven”
     Fremont County (Wyoming) 2005
“Eagle Catcher”
     Loveland (Colorado) 2005

Henry Cole
“Nest for Celeste”
     Allen (Texas) 2013

Suzanne Collins
“Hunger Games”
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2010 (adult and youth)

Dalton Conley
     Southington (Connecticut) 2006

Kevin Connolly
“Double Take: A Memoir”
     Bozeman (Montana) 2010

Pat Conroy
“My Reading Life”
     Columbia (South Carolina) 2014

Brian Copeland
“Not a Geniune Black Man”
     Silicon Valley (California) 2009

Zizou Corder
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2007 (children)

Virginia Cornell
“Doc Susie: the true story of a country physician in the Colorado Rockies”
     Grand County (Colorado) 2005

Trevor Corson
“Secret Life of Lobsters”
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2006

Lynn Cox
     Long Beach (California) 2008

Lynne Cox
     Malibu (California) 2007

Hannah Crafts (edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.)
“Bondwoman's Narrative”
     Indianapolis (Indiana) 2004-05

Sharon Creech
“Granny Torelli Makes Soup”
     Dover (New Hampshire) 2005

Doreen Cronin
     * State-wide program (Kansas) 2009

Chris Crowe
“Mississippi Trial”
     Springville (Utah) 2004 (adult) -

Chris Crutcher
“Whale Talk”
     Prior Lake-Savage (Minnesota) 2005-06 (teen) -

Christopher Paul Curtis
“Bud Not Buddy”
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2007 (Children)
“Watsons Go To Birmingham - 1963”
     San Joaquin County (California) 2005
     Lexington (Kentucky) 2007
     South Portland (Maine) 2004
     Baltimore (Maryland) 2006
     Flint/Genesee County (Michigan) 2002 April
     Ingham County (Michigan) 2005
     Muskegon County (Michigan) 2003
     Hastings (Minnesota) 2007 #2
     St. Paul (Minnesota) 2003
     Chattanooga (Tennessee) 2005-06 (young)
     Norfolk (Virginia) 2002

Roald Dahl
“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
     Westchester (New York) 2005
“James and the Giant Peach”
     Orlando (Florida) 2005

Sandra Dallas
     Cape Girardeau (Missouri) 2008

Edwidge Danticat
“Breath, Eyes, Memory”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2002
     Miami (Florida) 2004 (Spring)
“Brother, I'm Dying”
     Arlington (Virginia) 2008 (adult) -
“Dew Breaker”
     New Paltz (New York) 2006

Charles Darwin
“On the Origin of the Species”
     South Bend (Indiana) 2008-09

Julie Dash
“Daughters of the Dust”
     Charleston County (South Carolina) 2011

Joshua Davis
“Spare Parts”
     Richardson (Texas) 2016

Richard Dawkins
“Selfish Gene”
     Kansas City (Missouri) 2008

George Dawson
“Life is so Good”
     Saginaw Area (Michigan) 2004

Beverly Deepe Keever
“Death Zones & Darling Spies: Seven Years of Vietnam War Reporting”
     * State-wide program (Nebraska) 2015

Jim Defede
“Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland”
     Racine (Wisconsin) 2006

Sarah L. Delany
“Having Our Say: The Delany Sister's First 100 Years”
     Columbia (South Carolina) 2011

Pat Cunningham Devoto
“Out of the Night That Covers Me”
     Montgomery (Alabama) 2004

Junot Diaz
“Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2009
     Amherst (Massachusetts) 2013

Kate DiCamillo
“Because of Winn-Dixie”
     Orlando (Florida) 2003 Jan. 12-14
     Arkansas City (Kansas) 2005
     Holden (Massachusetts) 2005
     North Reading (Massachusetts) 2006 (children) -
     Omaha (Nebraska) 2005
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2004
     Pittsboro (North Carolina) 2007
“Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”
     Naperville (Illinois) 2006 (children) -
     Dover (New Hampshire) 2007

Charles Dickens
“Tale of Two Cities”
     Sarasota/Manatee Counties (Florida) 2007
“Great Expectations”
     Lowell (Massachusetts) 2012

Joan Didion
“White Album”
     Malibu (California) 2006

Brad Dimock
“Sunk Without a Sound”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2005 #1 -

Chitra Divakaruni
“One Amazing Thing”
     Alliance (Ohio) 2012
     Richardson (Texas) 2012

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
“Mistress of Spices”
     Oakland (California) 2006

Tahar Djaout
“Last Summer of Reason”
     Johnson County (Iowa) 2001

E. L. Doctorow
     Clarendon Hills, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Indian Prairie, Lisle, Thomas Ford, Westmont, and Woodridge (Illinois) 2007
     Davie County (Mocksville) (North Carolina) 2007

Ivan Doig
“Whistling Season”
     Loveland (Colorado) 2007
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2008
     Lake Oswego (Oregon) 2010

Jennifer Donnelly
“Northern Light”
     Western New York (New York) 2006

Tim Dorsey
“Florida Roadkill”
     Lee County (Florida) 2007

Doug Dorst
“Alive in Necropolis”
     San Francisco (California) 2009

Oroark Dowell
“Shooting the Moon”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2011 (children) -

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
“Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”
     South Bend (Indiana) 2012
“Hound of the Baskervilles”
     Allen (Texas) 2011-12 (adult-
“Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”
     Sierra Madre (California) 2012
“Hound of the Baskervilles”
     Allen (Texas) 2012

Joe Drape
“Our Boys: A Perfect Season on the Plains with the Smith Center Redmen”
     Louisburg (Kansas) 2012

Sharon Draper
“Fire from the rock”
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2009 (youth)-

Firoozeh Dumas
“Funny in Farsi”
     Orange County (California) 2004
     Palo Alto (California) 2006
     Whittier (California) 2005
     Dayton (Ohio) 2008
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2010
     Carlsbad (California) 2009
“Laughing Without an Accent”
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2010

David James Duncan
“Brothers K”
     McMinnville (Oregon) 2005

D. D. Dunn
“Binder Twine 'n Bandaids: Homegrown Humor from the Heartlands”
     Northern Illinois (Illinois) 2005
     Princeton (Illinois) 2005

Tony Earley
“Jim the Boy”
     Owatonna (Minnesota) 2001

Clyde Edgerton
“Walking Across Egypt”
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2004
     Forsyth County (North Carolina) 2003
     Wayne County (North Carolina) 2007
     Chattanooga (Tennessee) 2005 (adults) -
     Jackson-Madison County (Tennessee) 2005

Kim Edwards
“Memory Keeper's Daughter”
     Roswell (Georgia) 2008
     Bowling Green (Kentucky) 2007
     Wake County (North Carolina) 2007

Timothy Egan
“Worse Hard Time”
     Sunderland (Massachusetts) 2008
“Worst Hard Time”
     Manhattan (Kansas) 2007
     Leverett (Massachusetts) 2008
     Lincoln (Nebraska) 2007
     Lake Forest Park (Washington) 2007
“Worst Hard Time: the Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl”
     Andover (Massachusetts) 2009

Dave Eggers
“What is the What”
     San Mateo County (California) 2008
     Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) 2008
     Thousand Oaks (California) 2008
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2009
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2011
     Dayton (Ohio) 2012

John Ehle
“Land Breakers”
     Forsyth County (North Carolina) 2006
     Western North Carolina (North Carolina) 2005

Barbara Ehrenreich
“Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America”
     Peoria (Illinois) 2006
     Lafayette (Indiana) 2006
     Vigo County (Indiana) 2003
     Linn County (Iowa) 2004
     Monroe (Louisiana) 2007
     Bridgewater (Massachusetts) 2005-06
     South Hadley (Massachusetts) 2002
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2006
     Kalamazoo (Michigan) 2004 -Jan. 26 - March 31
     Rochester (Minnesota) 2003
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2004
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2007
     Cayuga County (New York) 2006
     Watauga County (North Carolina) 2003
     Dayton (Ohio) 2005
     Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) 2003 (Fall)
     Cambria County (Pennsylvania) 2004
     Galveston County (Texas) 2007
     Fox Cities (Wisconsin) 2007
     Racine (Wisconsin) 2004

Carlos Eire
“Learning to Die in Miami: Confessions of a Refugee Boy”
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2015
“Waiting for Snow in Havana”
     Madison (Connecticut) 2005
     Southington (Connecticut) 2009

Deborah Ellis
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2005 (young readers) -
     Shelby County (Indiana) 2006 (young adult) -
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2005 (youth) -
     Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) 2004 (young readers) -
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2007 (middle school students)

Joseph Ellis
“Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation”
     * State-wide program (Wisconsin) 2004

Joseph J. Ellis
“His Excellency: George Washington”
     Fairfax County (Virginia) 2007

Mary Relindes Ellis
“Turtle Warrior”
     Manawa (Wisconsin) 2006

Earl Emerson
“In the Inferno”
     Sumner (Washington) 2006

Marina Endicott
“Good to a Fault”
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2011

Leif Enger
“Peace Like a River”
     Pasadena (California) 2003
     Denver (Colorado) 2004
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2003
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2007
     Battle Creek (Michigan) 2007
     Grand Rapids (Michigan) 2003
     Winona (Minnesota) 2003
     Lincoln (Nebraska) 2004
     Washoe County (Nevada) 2003
     Rochester (New York) 2004
     Western New York (New York) 2003
     Newport (Oregon) 2006
     Adams County (Pennsylvania) 2006
     * State-wide program (South Dakota) 2003
     Sumner (Washington) 2004
“[The novels of ]”
     Austin (Minnesota) 2009

Paul Engle
“Lucky American Childhood”
     Linn County (Iowa) 2008

Larry Englemann and Meihong Xu
“Daughter of China”
     Austin (Minnesota) 2006

Louise Erdrich
“Birchbark House”
     St. Paul (Minnesota) 2006-07 (young reader)
“Master Butchers Singing Club”
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2005
“Painted Drum”
     Winona (Minnesota) 2007

Maria Amparo Escandon
“Gonzalez & Daughter Trucking Co.”
     La Canada Flintridge (California) 2007

Anne Fadiman
“Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”
     South Bend (Indiana) 2006-07
     Winona (Minnesota) 2004
“Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures”
     Groton (Massachusetts) 2011

Siobhan Fallon
“You Know When the Men Are Gone”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2011

William Faulkner
“Go Down, Moses”
     * State-wide program (Mississippi) 2007

Jasper Fforde
“Eyre Affair”
     Bangor (Maine) 2008

Antwone Fisher
“Finding Fish”
     New York City (New York) 2004
     Greater Cleveland Area (Ohio) 2004

Janet Fitch
“White Oleander”
     Laguna Beach (California) 2007 Mar. - Oct.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“Great Gatsby”
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2006 (TBR)
     Pinellas (Florida) 2007 (TBR)
     Libertyville (Illinois) 2007 (TBR)
     Bloomington (Indiana) 2006
     Vigo County (Indiana) 2007 (TBR)
     Lexington (Kentucky) 2006
     Westwood (Massachusetts) 2007 (TBR)
     Duluth (Minnesota) 2006
     St. Paul (Minnesota) 2005 (adult) -
     Virginia (Minnesota) 2006
     Las Vegas (Nevada) 2008
     Ithaca/Tompkins County (New York) 2006
     Long Island (New York) 2002
     Erie (Pennsylvania) 2007 (TBR)
     Scranton (Pennsylvania) 2003
     * State-wide program (Virginia) 2007
     Sioux City (Iowa) 2007
     Bedford (Massachusetts) 2005
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2013

Fannie Flagg
“Fried Green Tomatoes”
     Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) 2005

Paul Fleischman
     Upland (California) 2006
     Tampa (Florida) 2002 January 21
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2003
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2002
     Newburgh (New York) 2004
     Springville (Utah) 2006-07
     * State-wide program (Vermont) 2005
     Racine (Wisconsin) 2005
     Allen (Texas) 2008-09 (adult) -
     Sun Prairie (Wisconsin) 2014
     Appleton (Wisconsin) 2009
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2009
     Berwyn (Illinois) 2008
“Matchbox Diary”
     Allen (Texas) 2015

Candace Fleming
“Lowji Discovers America”
     Mount Prospect (Illinois) 2007 (grades 3-5)

Jonathan Safran Foer
“Eating Animals”
     Fairfield (Connecticut) 2011
“Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”
     Mesa County (Colorado) 2009
“Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”
     Santa Monica (California) 2006
     Thousand Oaks (California) 2007
     Marquette (Michigan) 2007
     Deerfield, Bannockburn and Riverwoods (Illinois) 2011
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2011
     Charleston County (South Carolina) 2011

Adrian Fogelin
“Sister Spider Knows All”
     Lake County (Florida) 2007 (teens) -

Jaime Ford
“Hotel on the Corner of Sweet”
     Richardson (Texas) 2011

Jamie Ford
“Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet”
     Schenectady (New York) 2010
     Sycamore (Illinois) 2011
     Thousand Oaks (California) 2011

Connie May Fowler
“Before Women Had Wings”
     Central Florida (Florida) 2004
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2005
     Jackson-Madison County (Tennessee) 2006
“Remembering Blue”
     Sarasota County (Florida) 2006
“[The works of]”
     Tampa-Hillsborough County (Florida) 2006

Anne Frank
“Diary of a Young Girl”
     Fayette County (Georgia) 2010
“Diary of Anne Frank (The Diary of a Young Girl)”
     Gainesville (Florida) 2001-02
     Allen County (Fort Wayne) (Indiana) 2004
     Westfield (Massachusetts) 2007
     Greensboro (North Carolina) 2006

Michael Frayn
     Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) 2004 (fall) -

Charles Frazier
“Cold Mountain”
     Greenwood (Indiana) 2005
     Spokane Area (Washington) 2003
“Thirteen Moons”
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2008

Ian Frazier
“Great Plains”
     Sycamore (Illinois) 2002

Castle Freeman, Jr.
“Go with Me”
     Conway (Mt. Washington Valley) (New Hampshire) 2010

Thomas Friedman
“World Is Flat”
     Utica (New York) 2007

Thomas L. Friedman
“Hot, Flat and Crowded”
     Watertown (Massachusetts) 2009

Cornelia Funke
“Thief Lord”
     Boise (Idaho) 2007 (middle readers)

Jostein Gaarder
“Solitaire Mystery”
     Sycamore (Illinois) 2004

Neil Gaiman
“[The works of]”
     Naperville (Illinois) 2010 (all ages)-

Ernest J. Gaines
“Gathering of Old Men”
     Knox County, Knoxville, Farragut (Tennessee) 2004
“Lesson Before Dying”
     Miami (Florida) 2003
     Peoria (Illinois) 2002 Jan-April
     Bloomington (Indiana) 2002 Feb - Apr
     Northwest Indiana (Indiana) 2002
     Monroe (Louisiana) 2006
     New Orleans (Louisiana) 2004
     Jackson (Mississippi) 2003 Apr.-Oct.
     Washoe County (Nevada) 2002
     Albuquerque (New Mexico) 2005 (spring) -
     Buffalo (New York) 2000
     Rochester (New York) 2000
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2001-02
     Greensboro (North Carolina) 2002 Sept. - Nov.
     Watauga County (North Carolina) 2001
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2002
     Multnomah County/Portland (Oregon) 2003
     College Station + Bryan (Texas) 2005
     Galveston County (Texas) 2008
     Houston (Texas) 2002
     Waco (Texas) 2002
     Richmond (Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico) (Virginia) 2002
     Seattle (Washington) 1999
     Holyoke (Massachusetts) 2009
     Fayette County (Georgia) 2009
     Chattanooga (Tennessee) 2004 - (adults) -
“[The works of]”
     Lafayette (Louisiana) 2002 Feb. 18 - March 26
     Savannah (Georgia) 2005 April 3-9

Donald R. Gallo
“First Crossing: Stories about Teen Immigrants”
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2008

Steven Galloway
“Cellist of Sarajevo”
     Allen (Texas) 2009-10 (adult

James Galvin
“Fencing the Sky”
     Sweetwater County (Wyoming) 2005
     Broomfield (Colorado) 2006
     Loveland (Colorado) 2006

Norman G. Gantreau
“Sea Room”
     Hudson (Massachusetts) 2005

Cristina Garcia
“Dreaming in Cuban”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2007

Henry Louis Gates
“Colored People”
     * State-wide program (West Virginia) 2007

P.L. Gaus
“Seperate from the World: An Ohio Amish Mystery”
     Western New York (New York) 2009

W. Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear
“People of the Moon”
     Pagosa Springs (Colorado) 2006

Lisa Genova
“Love Anthony”
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2014

Ann George
“[The works of]”
     South Baldwin County (Alabama) 2004

Karen Gettert Shoemaker
“Meaning of Names”
     * State-wide program (Nebraska) 2016

Nikki Giovanni
“Bicycles: Love Poems”
     Loudoun County (Virginia) 2010

Fred Gipson
“Old Yeller”
     * State-wide program (Texas) 2002 (Children's selection) -

Malcolm Gladwell
“Tipping Point”
     Sycamore (Illinois) 2005
     Cayuga County (New York) 2007

Diane Glancy
“Stone Heart: A Novel of Sacajawea”
     Rockford (Illinois) 2004

Julia Glass
“Widower's Tale”
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2013

Richard Glaubman
“Life is So Good”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2008

Molly Gloss
“Jump-off Creek”
     Eugene - Springfield (Oregon) 2005

William Goldman
“Princess Bride”
     Boerne and Comfort (Texas) 2006

Michael Good
“Search for Major Plagge”
     Durham and Middlefield (Connecticut) 2006

Doris Kearns Goodwin
“Wait Till Next Year”
     Norwell (Massachusetts) 2009

Nadine Gordimer
     Ithaca/Tompkins County (New York) 2007

Al Gore
“Book list/discussions based on film: The Inconvenient Truth”
     Ingham County (Michigan) 2008

Reyna Grande
“Across a Hundred Mountains”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2007

Temple Grandin
     Huntington Beach (California) 2012

John Green
“Fault in Our Stars”
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2012

Bob Greene
“Once Upon a Town: The Miracle of the North Platte Canteen”
     Henderson County (Illinois) 2007
     Louisburg (Kansas) 2005
     Skowhegan (Maine) 2007
     Rochester (Minnesota) 2004

Melissa Fay Greene
“Underdogs: Children, Dogs, and the Power of Unconditional Love”
     Dayton (Ohio) 2018

Rhonda Gowler Greene
“Barnyard Song”
     * State-wide program (Michigan) 2004

Linda Greenlaw
“Lobster Chronicles”
     Augusta (Maine) 2005
     Sturbridge (Massachusetts) 2004

Conor Grennan
“Little Princes”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2013
“Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal”
     Huntington Beach (California) 2016

Nikki Grimes
“Bronx Masquerade”
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2008 (youth) -

John Grisham
“Painted House”
     Cape Girardeau (Missouri) 2002
     Tiffin (Ohio) 2004

John Grogan
“Marley & Me”
     Johnson County (Indiana) 2009
     McEwensville, Milton, Northumberland, Selinsgrove, Sunbury (Pennsylvania) 2009
“Marley - A Dog Like No Other”
     Allen (Texas) 2007-08 (youth:9-14) -
“Marley and Me”
     Norwell (Massachusetts) 2008
“Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog”
     Burbank (California) 2007
     Grand County (Colorado) 2007
     Mesa County (Colorado) 2007
     Sycamore (Illinois) 2007
     Evansville (Indiana) 2006
     Henderson (Nevada) 2008
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2006
     Lower Merion Township (Pennsylvania) 2006
     Warren County (Pennsylvania) 2006
     Berkeley County (South Carolina) 2008
     Allen (Texas) 2007-08 (adult) -

Davis Grubb
“Night of the Hunter”
     * State-wide program (West Virginia) 2006

Sara Gruen
“Water for Elephants”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2007 (adult)
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2008
     Montcalm County (Michigan) 2007
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2007
     Contoocook (New Hampshire) 2007
     Saratoga Springs (New York) 2008
     * State-wide program (Rhode Island) 2008
     Park City (Utah) 2007
     Schenectady (New York) 2009
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2010
     South Hadley (Massachusetts) 2008
     Stoughton (Massachusetts) 2008

Sarah Gruen
“Ape House”
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2010

Judith Guest
“Ordinary People”
     Warren County (Pennsylvania) 2009

Jacqueline Guidry
“Year the Colored Sisters Came to Town”
     Windsor (Connecticut) 2007
     Kansas City (Missouri) 2003

Jeff Guinn
“Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde”
     Mansfield (Texas) 2011

Allan Gurganus
“White People”
     Richmond (Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico) (Virginia) 2004

David Guterson
“Snow Falling on Cedars”
     Vigo County (Indiana) 2002 April
     Wakefield (Massachusetts) 2003 (Winter)
     Contoocook (New Hampshire) 2004
     Sullivan County (New York) 2002
     Lewis County (Washington) 2003-04
     Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 2002 Feb.-Apr

George Guthridge
“Kids From Nowhere”
     Huntington Beach (California) 2009

Mark Haddon
“Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”
     Santa Barbara (California) 2004
     Gunnison and Crested Butte (Colorado) 2005
     Westport (Connecticut) 2006
     LaPorte County (Indiana) 2006
     Michigan City (Indiana) 2006
     Montgomery County (Indiana) 2005
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2007
     North Attleborough (Massachusetts) 2005
     North Reading (Massachusetts) 2005
     West Boylston (Massachusetts) 2005
     Kalamazoo (Michigan) 2007
     Macomb County Area (Michigan) 2005
     Central Valley (New York) 2005
     New Paltz (New York) 2005
     Wake County (North Carolina) 2005
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2006 (adult) -
     South Central Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) 2007
     Galveston County (Texas) 2006
     Salt Lake City (Utah) 2004-05 (fiction)-
     Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties (Virginia) 2005

Carolyn Haines
“Buried Bones”
     Starkville (Mississippi) 2007 (Fall)

Roya Hakakian
“Journey from the Land of No”
     Madison (Connecticut) 2007

Donald Hall
“[The works of]”
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2004

Barbara Hambly
“Emancipator's Wife”
     Springfield (Illinois) 2005

Pete Hamill
“Snow in August”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2002
     Westport (Connecticut) 2003
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2005
     Brookline (Massachusetts) 2005
     Monson (Massachusetts) 2004
     Wilmington (Massachusetts) 2005
     Macomb County Area (Michigan) 2002 July-Aug.
     Traverse City (Michigan) 2004
     Farmingdale (New York) 2003
     Long Island (New York) 2004
     Wilton (Connecticut) 2006

Jane Hamilton
“When Madeline Was Young”
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2012

Dashiell Hammett
“Maltese Falcon”
     Danville and San Ramon (San Ramon Valley) (California) 2005
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2012

Patricia Hampl
“St. Paul Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald”
     Austin (Minnesota) 2005

Lorraine Hansberry
“Raisin in the Sun”
     Chicago (Illinois) 2003 (Spring)
     Michigan City (Indiana) 2003

Chad Harbach
“Art of Fielding”
     Thousand Oaks (California) 2013

Paul Harding
     Beverly (Massachusetts) 2010
     Hamilton-Wenham (Massachusetts) 2010, Autumn-

George Harrar
“Parents Wanted”
     North Andover (Massachusetts) 2007 (young adults)

Dan Harris
“10 Happier”
     Canton (Massachusetts) 2016
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2016

Eddy L. Harris
“Mississippi Solo”
     Jackson (Mississippi) 2004
     * State-wide program (Missouri) 2004

Elva Trevino Hart
“Barefoot Heart: Stories of a Migrant Child”
     Traverse City (Michigan) 2006
     Springville (Utah) 2007-08 -

Erin Hart
“Haunted Ground”
     Austin (Minnesota) 2004

John Hart
“Down River”
     Seward (Nebraska) 2010

Trevino Hart
“Barefoot Heart: Stories of a Migrant Child”
     Huntington Beach (California) 2011

Kent Haruf
     Broomfield (Colorado) 2009
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2003
     San Joaquin County (California) 2007
     Gunnison and Crested Butte (Colorado) 2004
     Loveland (Colorado) 2004
     Springfield (Illinois) 2002
     Linn County (Iowa) 2003
     Manhattan (Kansas) 2006
     Grand Rapids (Michigan) 2005
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2002
     Kansas City (Missouri) 2002
     Lincoln (Nebraska) 2002
     Wahpeton (ND) and Breckenridge (MN) (North Dakota) 2005
     Spokane Area (Washington) 2002
     Castle Rock (Colorado) 2009 (Adult-)

Tommy Hays
“Pleasure Was Mine”
     Greenville County (South Carolina) 2008

Ernest Hebert
“Old American”
     Groton (Massachusetts) 2010

Chris Hedges
“War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning”
     South Bend (Indiana) 2004-05

Ursula Hegi
“Stones from the River”
     Adams County (Pennsylvania) 2004

Jean Hegland
“Into the Forest”
     Northwest Indiana (Indiana) 2007 (adult)

Ernest Hemingway
“Farewell to Arms”
     Miami (Florida) 2007 (spring) (TBR)
     Boise (Idaho) 2007
“Old Man and the Sea”
     Lake Villa (Illinois) 2006 #1
“Nick Adams Stories”
     * State-wide program (Michigan) 2007
     Lakeshore Area (Michigan) 2008
“Old Man the Sea”
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2008

Jose Hernandez
“Barrio Boy”
     San Joaquin County (California) 2006

Connie Hertzberg Mayo
“Island of Worthy Boys”
     Canton (Massachusetts) 2017
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2018

Karen Hesse
“Out of the Dust”
     El Dorado (Kansas) 2004
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2007 (youth) -
     * State-wide program (Vermont) 2003
     Loudoun County (Virginia) 2005

Peter Hessler
“River Town”
     Madison (Indiana) 2007

Carl Hiaasen
     Northwest Indiana (Indiana) 2007 (middle readers)
     Hastings (Minnesota) 2008 (young adult) -
     STATEWIDE (Florida) 2005
     Pinellas (Florida) 2005 Nov. 2005 - 2006 Feb.
     Sanibel (Florida) 2004 Oct. - 2005 April (young readers)
     Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) 2003 (young readers) -
     Natick (Massachusetts) 2006
     Madbury (New Hampshire) 2005
     Denton (Texas) 2007 (intermediate)

Homer Hickam
“Rocket Boys”
     Fullerton (California) 2008
     South Bend (Indiana) 2011
     Bloomington-Normal (Illinois) 2011
“Rocket Boys (October Sky)”
     Grove Hill (Alabama) 2006
     Guntersville (Alabama) 2004
     Scottsboro (Alabama) 2004
     Antelope Valley (California) 2007
     Central Florida (Florida) 2002
     Fox Valley (communities of Aurora, Montgomery, North Aurora, and Oswego) (Illinois) 2006
     Greenwood (Indiana) 2002
     Northwest Indiana (Indiana) 2004
     Topeka (Kansas) 2003
     Athol (Massachusetts) 2005
     Easthampton (Massachusetts) 2005
     South Hadley (Massachusetts) 2007
     Grand Rapids (Michigan) 2007
     Southwest Michigan (Michigan) 2005
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2003
     Delaware County (Ohio) 2006
     Findlay-Hancock County (Ohio) 2005
     Greater Cleveland Area (Ohio) 2005
     Tiffin (Ohio) 2002
     South Central Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) 2004
     Warren County (Pennsylvania) 2005
     Beaufort County (South Carolina) 2005
     Memphis (Tennessee) 2004
     Portland (Tennessee) 2005
     Wichita Falls (Texas) 2007
     Alexandria (Virginia) 2003 (Summer)
     Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties (Virginia) 2003 Jan. - Apr.
     Martinsburg/Berkeley County (West Virginia) 2006
     Sioux City, Iowa and South Sioux City, Nebraska (* Regional program) 2008
     Burbank (California) 2008
     Sioux City (Iowa) 2008
     Wells County (Indiana) 2009

Homer H. Hickam
“Rocket Boys”
     Galveston County (Texas) 2010

Homer Hickham
“Rocket Boys”
     Allen (Texas) 2011

Homer Hickman
“Rocket Boys”
     Allen (Texas) 2010-11 (adult

Homer H. Hickman, Jr.
“Rocket Boys”
     Beverly (Massachusetts) 2003

Robert Hicks
“Widow of the South”
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2011

Catherine Ryan Hide
“Pay It Forward”
     Sycamore (Illinois) 2010

Julia Butterfly Hill
“Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman, and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods”
     Denton (Texas) 2007 (adult)

Laura Hillenbrand
“Seabiscuit: An American Legend”
     Huntsville (Alabama) 2003 April-June
     Los Angeles (California) 2004
     Clarendon Hills, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Indian Prairie, Lisle, Thomas Ford, Westmont, and Woodridge (Illinois) 2006
     Carroll County (Maryland) 2005
     Hanson (Massachusetts) 2006
     Kingston (Massachusetts) 2004
     Williamstown (Massachusetts) 2006
     Waco (Texas) 2003
     Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties (Virginia) 2004
     Sierra Madre (California) 2013

T. L. Hines
“Waking Lazarus”
     Billings (Montana) 2008

Michael Hingson
“Thunder Dog: the True Story of a Blind Man, His Dog, and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero”
     Alliance (Ohio) 2013

S. E. Hinton
     Pueblo (Colorado) 2006
     Haddam and Killingworth (Connecticut) 2007 (classic)
     St. Paul (Minnesota) 2005 (young reader) -
     Memphis (Tennessee) 2003

Alice Hoffman
“Blackbird House”
     Sandwich (Massachusetts) 2007 #1
     Fox Cities (Wisconsin) 2008 (adult) -
     Sandwich (Massachusetts) 2009 (young adult)
“Red Garden”
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2013

Craig Holden
“Jazz Bird”
     Northern Kentucky (Kentucky) 2009

Kris Holloway
“Monique and the Mango Rains”
     Southampton (Massachusetts) 2010

Deborah Hopkinson
“Apples to Oregon”
     * State-wide program (Oregon) 2009 (children) -

Nancy Horan
“Loving Frank”
     Wilmette (Illinois) 2008

Dara Horn
“World to Come”
     Deschutes County (Oregon) 2008

Tony Horwitz
“Voyage Long and Strange”
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2009
“Confederates in the Attic”
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2011

Khaled Hosseini
“Kite Runner”
     Zionsville (Indiana) 2005
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2007 (adults and high school students) -
     Montcalm County (Michigan) 2005
     Bucks County (Pennsylvania) 2006
     Fullerton (California) 2006
     Albany (California) 2006
     Escondido (California) 2006
     Pasadena (California) 2005
     San Mateo County (California) 2006
     Santa Monica (California) 2005
     Woodland (California) 2004
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2004
     Lower Naugatuck Valley (Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Derby, Oxford, Seymour, and Shelton) (Connecticut) 2005
     Middletown (Connecticut) 2005
     Lee County (Florida) 2006 (fall) -
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2005 (adult) -
     Bloomington (Indiana) 2005
     Shelby County (Indiana) 2006
     Johnson County (Iowa) 2004
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2005
     Cambridge (Massachusetts) 2005
     Hanson (Massachusetts) 2005
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2005
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2005 (adult) -
     East Lansing (Michigan) 2005
     Prior Lake-Savage (Minnesota) 2005-06 (adult) -
     Kansas City (Missouri) 2005
     Lincoln (Nebraska) 2005
     Contoocook (New Hampshire) 2005
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2005
     Central Valley (New York) 2006
     Saratoga Springs (New York) 2005
     Schenectady (New York) 2008
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2006-07
     Pittsboro (North Carolina) 2004
     Rockingham County (North Carolina) 2008
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2005 (fall) -
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2005 (adult) -
     Deschutes County (Oregon) 2005
     Multnomah County/Portland (Oregon) 2006
     Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) 2006
     Lower Merion Township (Pennsylvania) 2005
     South Central Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) 2006
     * State-wide program (Rhode Island) 2005
     Arlington (Texas) 2007 #1
     Houston (Texas) 2005
     Richardson (Texas) 2005
     Salt Lake City (Utah) 2006 (spring/summer-fiction) -
     Fairfax County (Virginia) 2005

Khalid Hosseini
“Kite Runner”
     Holliston (Massachusetts) 2006

Khaled Hossieni
“Thousand Splendid Suns”
     Fairhope (Alabama) 2007

John Hough, Jr.
“Seen the Glory: a novel of the Battle of Gettysburg”
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2012

Silas House
“Parchment of Leaves”
     Bowling Green (Kentucky) 2004
     * State-wide program (West Virginia) 2009
“Clay's Quilt”
     Lexington (Kentucky) 2005
     Northern Kentucky (Kentucky) 2006
“Coal Tattoo”
     Bloomington-Normal (Illinois) 2009
“[The works of]”
     Harrisburg (Illinois) 2005

James D. Houston
“Snow Mountain Passage”
     Truckee (California) 2002

Jeanne Houston
“Farewell to Manzanar”
     Whittier (California) 2006

Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston
“Farewell to Manzanar”
     * State-wide program (Missouri) 2002 March - April

S.M. Hulse
“Black River”
     Western New York (New York) 2016

Zora Neale Hurston
“Their Eyes Were Watching God”
     Windsor (Connecticut) 2007
     * State-wide program (District of Columbia) 2007
     Jacksonville (Florida) 2007 (TBR)
     Ocala (Florida) 2007 (TBR)
     Palm Beach (Florida) 2004
     Savannah (Georgia) 2007 (TBR)
     Topeka (Kansas) 2006 (TBR)
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2007
     Buffalo (New York) 2007 (TBR)
     Charleston County (South Carolina) 2007

Catherine Ryan Hyde
“Pay It Forward”
     Hendry County (Florida) 2004
     Peoria (Illinois) 2005
     Jay County (Indiana) 2006 March - May
     LaPorte County (Indiana) 2005
     Madison (Indiana) 2006
     Michigan City (Indiana) 2005
     Shelby County (Indiana) 2005
     Hanson (Massachusetts) 2005
     Battle Creek (Michigan) 2006
     Flint/Genesee County (Michigan) 2006
     Findlay-Hancock County (Ohio) 2007
     Wadsworth (Ohio) 2005
     Washington County (Oregon) 2003
     Johnson City (Tennessee) 2003
     Corpus Christi (Texas) 2006
     Richardson (Texas) 2004
     Casper (Wyoming) 2007
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2009

Henrik Ibsen
“An Enemy of the People”
     South Bend (Indiana) 2007-08 -

Witi Ihimaera
“Whale Rider”
     LaPorte County (Indiana) 2004
     Michigan City (Indiana) 2004

Witi Tame Ihimaera
“Whale Rider”
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2004

Dave Isay
“Listening is an Act of Love”
     Deerfield, Bannockburn and Riverwoods (Illinois) 2009
“Listening Is an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project”
     Howard County (Maryland) 2010
     Long Beach (California) 2011

Christopher Isherwood
“Berlin Stories”
     Santa Monica (California) 2004

J. A. Jance
“Justice Denied”
     Warren County (Pennsylvania) 2008

Francisco Jimenez
“Breaking Through”
     Sierra Vista (Arizona) 2008
     Woodland (California) 2002

Francisco Jiminez
“Breaking Through”
     Silicon Valley (California) 2003

Kij Johnson
“At the Mouth of the River Bees”
     Alaska (Alaska) 2013

Tony Johnson
“Any Small Goodness”
     * State-wide program (Alaska) 2003

Lloyd Jones
“Mister Pip”
     Park City (Utah) 2010

Hillary Jordan
     Western New York (New York) 2011

Vernon Jordan
“Vernon Can Read”
     Evansville (Indiana) 2002

Alponsion Deng, Benson Deng, Benhamin Ajak Judy A. Bernstein
“They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky”
     Huntington Beach (California) 2010

Cynthia Kadohata
     Mesa County (Colorado) 2006

Stephanie Kallos
“Broken For You”
     Lake Forest Park (Washington) 2005
     Stillwater, Minnesota and Hudson, Wisconsin (* Regional program) 2008 (adult- high school) -
“Sing Them Home”
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2011

Alex Kava
“One False Move”
     * State-wide program (Nebraska) 2006

Terry Kay
“Valley of Light”
     Roswell (Georgia) 2007(adult) -
“To Dance With the White Dog”
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2001

Doris Kearns Goodwin
“Wait Till Next Year”
     Long Island (New York) 2009

Doug Kelly
“Captain's Wife”
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2002

Elmer Kelton
“Sandhill Boys”
     Victoria (Texas) 2008
“Good Old Boys”
     Mansfield (Texas) 2004 April
“Time It Never Rained”
     Abilene (Texas) 2003

John F. Kennedy
“Profiles in Courage”
     St. Paul (Minnesota) 2002

Piper Kerman
“Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison”
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2014

Jack Kerouac
“On The Road”
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2007 (Young Adults)

Lauren Kessler
“Stubborn Twig”
     * State-wide program (Oregon) 2009 (adult) -
     Multnomah County/Portland (Oregon) 2009
     Lake Oswego (Oregon) 2009

Watt Key
“Alabama Moon”
     Fairhope (Alabama) 2006

Sue Monk Kidd
“Secret Life of Bees”
     Mobile (Alabama) 2003
     Montgomery County (Indiana) 2004
     Ocala (Florida) 2005
     Kankakee County (Illinois) 2006
     Johnson County (Indiana) 2006
     Norton (Massachusetts) 2006 (adult #1)-
     Pittsboro (North Carolina) 2003
     * State-wide program (Rhode Island) 2004
     Timberland Region (5 county, 27 library district) (Washington) 2005

Tracy Kidder
“Home Town”
     Lexington (Massachusetts) 2010
“Mountains Beyond Mountains”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2005
     Sarasota County (Florida) 2005
     Augusta (Maine) 2007
     Cambridge (Massachusetts) 2006
     Concord (Massachusetts) 2004
     Dover (Massachusetts) 2004
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2006
     Leverett (Massachusetts) 2005
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2004
     Ann Arbor (Michigan) 2007
     Summit (New Jersey) 2007
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2007-08
     Bozeman (Montana) 2008
     Deerfield, Bannockburn and Riverwoods (Illinois) 2008
     Wilbraham (Massachusetts) 2009
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2006
     Hamilton-Wenham (Massachusetts) 2007
“Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World”
     Santa Barbara (California) 2007 Fall
     McMinnville (Oregon) 2007
“Strength in What Remain”
     Hanover (New Hampshire) 2010
“Strength in What Remains”
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2012

Haven Kimmel
“Girl Named Zippy: Growing Up Small in Mooreland, Indiana”
     Northwest Indiana (Indiana) 2003

Dave King
“Ha Ha”
     Greenfield (Massachusetts) 2009

Laurie R. King
“Bookeepers Apprentice”
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2012
“Locked Rooms: A Mary Russell Novel”
     Danville and San Ramon (San Ramon Valley) (California) 2007
“Beekeeper's Apprentice”
     Southeast Michigan (Michigan) 2008

Stephen King
“Stephen King On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft”
     Bangor (Maine) 2005

Barbara Kingsolver
“Animal Dreams”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2002
     Kalamazoo (Michigan) 2008
“Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”
     Belmont (Massachusetts) 2009
     Northampton (Massachusetts) 2009
     Groton (Massachusetts) 2009
     Sierra Vista (Arizona) 2009
     Norwood (Massachusetts) 2009
     Eden Prairie (Minnesota) 2010
     Fullerton (California) 2009
     Rehoboth (Massachusetts) 2010-11
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2013
“Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life”
     Williamstown (Massachusetts) 2008 #1 -
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2008
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2009
“Animal, Vegetable. Miracle”
     Burlington (Massachusetts) 2009
“Pigs in Heaven”
     Linn County (Iowa) 2005
“Small Wonder”
     Sanibel (Florida) 2004 Oct. - 2005 April (adult)
     Howard County (Maryland) 2007
“Bean Trees”
     * State-wide program (Kentucky) 2001
     Greenfield (Massachusetts) 2002
     Park City (Utah) 2003
     * Country-wide program (* Regional program) 2003

Maxine Hong Kingston
“Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts”
     Saratoga (California) 2004

W. P. Kinsella
“Shoeless Joe”
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2005

W.P. Kinsella
“Shoeless Joe”
     Racine (Wisconsin) 2002

Kevin Kling
“Dog Says How”
     Excelsior (Minnesota) 2008

William Kloefkorn
“Restoring the Burnt Child”
     * State-wide program (Nebraska) 2008

Frederick Kohner
     Malibu (California) 2005

Jim Kokoris
“Rich Part of Life”
     Sycamore (Illinois) 2003

Elizabeth Kolbert
“Field Notes from a Catastrophe”
     Santa Barbara (California) 2007 (adult)
     Hastings (Minnesota) 2008(adult) -

Jackie French Koller
“Primrose Way”
     Ipswich (Massachusetts) 2009

Ted Kooser
“Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps”
     * State-wide program (Nebraska) 2011

Gordon Korman
“Dive: The Discovery”
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2008 (youth) -

Alex Kotlowitz
“There Are No Children Here”
     Batavia (Illinois) 2007

Jon Krakauer
“Into Thin Air”
     Rockford (Illinois) 2003
“Under the Banner of Heaven”
     Park City (Utah) 2004

William Kent Krueger
“Thunder Bay”
     Austin (Minnesota) 2010

Robert Kurson
“Shadow Divers”
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2008 (adult) -

Aryn Kyle
“God of Animals”
     Mesa County (Colorado) 2008

Jhumpa Lahiri
“Interpreter of the Maladies”
     * State-wide program (District of Columbia) 2004
     Chicago (Illinois) 2006 (Fall)
     Walnut Creek (California) 2006
     Whittier (California) 2008
     Cambridge (Massachusetts) 2004
     Lexington (Massachusetts) 2005 (Fall)
     Northampton (Massachusetts) 2007
     South Orange/Maplewood (New Jersey) 2004
     Park City (Utah) 2005
     Seattle (Washington) 2007
     Danbury (Connecticut) 2008
     Watertown (Massachusetts) 2008
     Stoughton (Massachusetts) 2010
     Wilton (Connecticut) 2008

Laila Lalami
“Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits”
     Rochester (New York) 2008
“Secret Son”
     Seattle (Washington) 2010

William Landay
“Defending Jacob”
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2013
     Abington (Massachusetts) 2014

Lorna Landvik
“[The novels of]”
     Austin (Minnesota) 2007

Alfred Lansing
     Indianapolis (Indiana) 2003-04
     Williamstown (Massachusetts) 2005 Feb.
     Ipswich (Massachusetts) 2014
“Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage”
     * State-wide program (Alaska) 2004
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2004
     Easthampton (Massachusetts) 2007

Erik Larsen
“Devil in the White City”
     Lewis County (Washington) 2006

Erik Larson
“Devil in the White City”
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2009
“Isaac's Storm”
     Athol (Massachusetts) 2006 - "Reading up a Storm!"
     Victoria (Texas) 2002 #2 -
“Devil in the White City”
     Clarendon Hills, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Indian Prairie, Lisle, Thomas Ford, Westmont, and Woodridge (Illinois) 2005
     Stoughton (Massachusetts) 2006
     Lincoln (Nebraska) 2006

Gretchen Moran Laskas
“Miner's Daughter”
     * State-wide program (West Virginia) 2012

Jeanne Laskas
“Fifty Acres and a Poodle”
     Warren County (Pennsylvania) 2007

David Laskin
“Children's Blizzard”
     Bradford (Pennsylvania) 2009

Chang-Rae Lee
“Gesture Life”
     Seattle (Washington) 2003
     Long Island (New York) 2008
“Native Speaker”
     Princeton (New Jersey) 2002
     * State-wide program (New York) 2002

Gus Lee
“China Boy”
     San Francisco (California) 2005

Harper Lee
“To Kill a Mockingbird”
     Bay Minette (Alabama) 2003
     Huntsville (Alabama) 2007 (TBR)
     West Valley (Arizona) 2007
     Bakersfield (California) 2002 March-May
     Fresno County (California) 2006
     Long Beach (California) 2003
     Roseville (California) 2005
     San Mateo County (California) 2007
     Stockton (California) 2002
     Colorado Springs (Colorado) 2002
     Pueblo (Colorado) 2005
     Bridgeport (Connecticut) 2007
     New Haven (Connecticut) 2007
     Norwalk (Connecticut) 2007
     Shelton (Connecticut) 2007
     Stamford (Connecticut) 2007
     Waterbury (Connecticut) 2007
     Brevard County (Florida) 2007
     Jacksonville (Florida) 2002
     Lee County (Florida) 2006 (spring) -
     Palm Beach (Florida) 2006
     Atlanta (Georgia) 2007 #1
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2006 (spring) -
     Chicago (Illinois) 2001 (Fall)
     Peoria (Illinois) 2007 (TBR)
     Michigan City (Indiana) 2002
     Salem (Indiana) 2004
     Valparaiso (Indiana) 2002 April 14 - 20
     Vincennes (Indiana) 2004
     Davenport (Iowa) 2007
     El Dorado (Kansas) 2005
     Baton Rouge (Louisiana) 2007
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2002
     Carroll County (Maryland) 2004
     Canton (Massachusetts) 2006
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2003
     Groton (Massachusetts) 2005
     North Attleborough (Massachusetts) 2008 (TBR)
     Norwell (Massachusetts) 2006
     South Hadley (Massachusetts) 2005
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2003
     Duluth (Minnesota) 2002
     Fergus Falls (Minnesota) 2002
     Hastings (Minnesota) 2007 #3
     Prior Lake-Savage (Minnesota) 2004-05 (adult) -
     Starkville (Mississippi) 2007 (TBR)
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2003
     Cape Girardeau (Missouri) 2007 #1
     Omaha (Nebraska) 2006
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2005 (adult) -
     Central Valley (New York) 2003
     Chatham (New York) 2005
     Farmingdale (New York) 2002
     Schenectady (New York) 2006 Jan. 9-Apr. 8
     Forsyth County (North Carolina) 2002 Aug. - Oct.
     Wayne County (North Carolina) 2004
     Western North Carolina (North Carolina) 2007 (TBR)
     Velva (North Dakota) 2008
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2004
     Clermont County (Ohio) 2004
     Dayton (Ohio) 2006
     Delaware County (Ohio) 2002 July
     Findlay-Hancock County (Ohio) 2006
     Greater Cleveland Area (Ohio) 2002 Jan-Apr
     Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) 2003
     Centre County (Pennsylvania) 2003
     Scranton (Pennsylvania) 2002
     Johnson City (Tennessee) 2002
     Victoria (Texas) 2002 #1 -
     * State-wide program (Virginia) 2008 (TBR)
     Fairfax County (Virginia) 2004
     Tacoma (Washington) 2002 Feb.
     Neenah (Wisconsin) 2005
     Casper (Wyoming) 2006
     Sioux City, Iowa and South Sioux City, Nebraska (* Regional program) 2006
     Iola (Kansas) 2009 Winter/Spring
     Chelmsford (Massachusetts) 2008
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2007
     Pittsfield (Massachusetts) 2009
     Wilton (Connecticut) 2005
     Lawrence (Kansas) 2010
     South Bend (Indiana) 2010
     Ipswich (Massachusetts) 2011
     Dedham (Massachusetts) 2011
     Chillicothe (Missouri) 2013
     Milton (Massachusetts) 2012
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2014

William Poy Lee
“Eighth Promise”
     Ann Arbor (Michigan) 2008

Ursula LeGuin
“Lathe of Heaven”
     Eugene - Springfield (Oregon) 2004

Dennis Lehane
“Given Day”
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2011

Lisa Lenard-Cook
     Durango-La Plata County (Colorado) 2004

Mike Leonard
“Ride of Our Lives”
     Lake Villa (Illinois) 2007

Aldo Leopold
“Sand County Almanac”
     Erie (Pennsylvania) 2008

John Lescroart
     Sacramento (California) 2007

Billie Letts
“Where the Heart Is”
     Glastonbury (Connecticut) 2002
     Middletown (Connecticut) 2008

Gail Carson Levine
“Dave At Night”
     Libertyville (Illinois) 2007 (youngsters)

C. S. Lewis
“Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”
     Boise (Idaho) 2006 (middle readers) -
     Boerne and Comfort (Texas) 2005

Michael Lewis
“Blind Side”
     Brookline (Massachusetts) 2008

William Henry Lewis
“I Got Somebody in Staunton”
     Richmond (Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico) (Virginia) 2006-07

Elinor Lipman
“My Latest Grievance”
     North Andover (Massachusetts) 2007 (adult)

Gene Logsdon
“Man Who Created Paradise”
     Tuscarawas County (Ohio) 2008

Jack London
“Call of the Wild”
     Sonoma County (California) 2003
“White Fang”
     San Leandro (California) 2006

Melinda Long
“How I Became a Pirate”
     Boise (Idaho) 2007 (young readers) -

Steve Lopez
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2009 (adult)-
     Bozeman (Montana) 2009
     Thousand Oaks (California) 2009
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2009
     Long Beach (California) 2010
     Bellingham (Massachusetts) 2010
     Malden (Massachusetts) 2011
“Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music”
     Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) 2009

Marybeth Lorbiecki
“Planet Patrol”
     Hastings (Minnesota) 2008 (elementary) -

Cynthia Lord
     Connersville (Indiana) 2009

Lois Lowry
     Middletown (Connecticut) 2003
     Westport (Connecticut) 2002
     Batavia (Illinois) 2006
     Bloomington-Normal (Illinois) 2003
     Valparaiso (Indiana) 2003 April
     Groton (Massachusetts) 2006
     Holden (Massachusetts) 2006
     Southwest Michigan (Michigan) 2003
     Rochester (Minnesota) 2005 (adult) -
     Central Valley (New York) 2002
     Centre County (Pennsylvania) 2004
     Loudoun County (Virginia) 2006
     La Crosse (Wisconsin) 2002
     Waukesha (Wisconsin) 2002
     Sierra Vista (Arizona) 2006
     Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead (North Dakota) 2012
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2002
     Louisburg (Kansas) 2014
     Louisburg (Kansas) 2014

David Lubar
“Hidden Talents”
     Haddam and Killingworth (Connecticut) 2007 (fiction)

Mike Lupica
“Travel Team”
     Ronan (Montana) 2005-06
     Farmingdale (New York) 2006

Jacki Lyden
“Daughter of the Queen of Sheba”
     Lexington (Massachusetts) 2009

Jim Lynch
“Highest Tide”
     Santa Monica (California) 2008

George Ella Lyon
“With a Hammer for My Heart”
     Northern Kentucky (Kentucky) 2008

Amin Maalouf
“Leo Africanus”
     Ann Arbor (Michigan) 2005

Malcolm MacPherson
“Cowboy and His Elephant”
     Grand County (Colorado) 2006

Tim Madigan
“I'm Proud of You: Life Lessons from My Friend Fred Rogers”
     Mansfield (Texas) 2009

Michelle Magorian
“Goodnight, Mr. Tom”
     Holden (Massachusetts) 2007

Gregory Maguire
     Saratoga Springs (New York) 2006

Adeline Yen Mah
“[The works of]”
     Orange County (California) 2003

Bernard Malamud
     Peabody (Massachusetts) 2008
     Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania) 2006

Thomas Maltman
“Little Wolves”
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2014

St. John Mandel
“Station Eleven”
     Santa Monica (California) 2016

Sonia Manzano
“No Dogs Allowed”
     Miami-Dade area (Florida) 2004

Coin Marisa
     Thousand Oaks (California) Silver

Yann Martel
“Life of Pi”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2004
     Santa Clarita (California) 2005
     Naperville (Illinois) 2005
     Traverse City (Michigan) 2003
     Irving (Texas) 2006
     Salt Lake County (Utah) 2007
     Santa Barbara (California) 2003
     Jacksonville (Florida) 2005
     Contoocook (New Hampshire) 2003
     Central Valley (New York) 2009

Lee Martin
“[The works of]”
     Harrisburg (Illinois) 2003

Man Martin
“Days of the Endless Corvette”
     Bowling Green (Kentucky) 2008

Bobbie Ann Mason
“In Country”
     * State-wide program (West Virginia) 2010

David Mas Masumoto
“Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm”
     Bakersfield (California) 2006
     Brentwood (California) 2006
     Nevada County (California) 2006
     Sacramento (California) 2005
     San Joaquin County (California) 2004
     Silicon Valley (California) 2005
     Woodland (California) 2003

Claire Hamner Matturro
“Sweetheart Deal”
     Sarasota County (Florida) 2008

Anna Jean Mayhew
“Dry Grass of August”
     Columbia (South Carolina) 2013

Archer Mayor
“Surrogate Thief”
     Berlin, Newington, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield (Connecticut) 2007

James McBride
“Song Yet Sung”
     *State-wide program (Maryland) 2009
     Baltimore (Maryland) 2009
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2009
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2009
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2011
“Color of Water”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2003
     Windsor (Connecticut) 2003
     Cambridge (Massachusetts) 2003
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2005
     Springfield (Massachusetts) 2005
     East Lansing (Michigan) 2004
     Flint/Genesee County (Michigan) 2004
     Kalamazoo (Michigan) 2005
     Marquette (Michigan) 2002
     Saginaw Area (Michigan) 2003
     Long Island (New York) 2007
     New York City (New York) 2002 Oct.(kickoff) -
     Durham (North Carolina) 2005
     Alliance (Ohio) 2004
     Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) 2005 (fall) -
     Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) 2004
     Lynchburg (Virginia) 2003
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2006

Laura McBride
“We Are Called to Rise”
     Western New York (New York) 2015
     Richardson (Texas) 2015

Colum McCann
“Let the Great World Spin”
     Wilmette (Illinois) 2011

Susan Carol McCarthy
“Lay That Trumpet In Our Hands”
     Montcalm County (Michigan) 2008

Elizabeth McCracken
“Niagara Falls All Over”
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2004
“Giant's House”
     Leverett (Massachusetts) 2007
“[The works of]”
     Southeast Michigan (Michigan) 2005

Sharyn McCrumb
“Ballad Novels”
     Oak Ridge (Tennessee) 2006
“Ballad of Frankie Silver”
     Macomb County Area (Michigan) 2003 Apr.-Aug.
     Lynchburg (Virginia) 2004
“Hangman's Beautiful Daughter”
     Northern Kentucky (Kentucky) 2007

Carson McCullers
“Heart is a Lonley Hunter”
     Columbus (Georgia) 2002

David McCullough
     Bedford (Massachusetts) 2006
“Wright Brothers”
     Dayton (Ohio) 2017

Marc McCutcheon
“Kid Who Named Pluto”
     Waco (Texas) 2005-06

Alice McDermott
“Charming Billy”
     Richmond (Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico) (Virginia) 2005

Sidney S. McMath
“Promises Kept”
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2003 #2 -

Larry McMurtry
“Lonesome Dove”
     * State-wide program (Texas) 2002 (Adult selection) -

David McPhail
“Mole Music”
     Allen (Texas) 2009-10 (picture book

John McPhee
“Pine Barrens”
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2004

Brad Meltzer
“Zero Game”
     STATEWIDE (Florida) 2006

Herman Melville
“Moby Dick”
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2010

Dinaw Mengestu
“Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears”
     Seattle (Washington) 2008

Roland Merullo
“Breakfast with Buddha”
     Broomfield (Colorado) 2008
     Southampton (Massachusetts) 2009
“Talk Funny Girl”
     Conway (Mt. Washington Valley) (New Hampshire) 2013

Lisa Michaels
“Grand Ambition”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2005 #2 -

James A. Michener
“Tales of the South Pacific”
     Bucks County (Pennsylvania) 2007

Ben Mikaelsen
“Touching Spirit Bear”
     Valparaiso (Indiana) 2007
     El Dorado (Kansas) 2006
     Iola (Kansas) 2006 #1

Candice Millard
“River of Doubt”
     Long Island (New York) 2010

Arthur Miller
     Scranton (Pennsylvania) 2005
     Chicago (Illinois) 2007 (fall)
     Peabody (Massachusetts) 2002
     Tacoma (Washington) 2006
“[The works of]”
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2002-03

E. Ethelbert Miller
“Fathering Words: The Making of An African American Writer”
     * State-wide program (District of Columbia) 2003

Jacquelyn Mitchard
“Cage of Stars”
     Lakeshore Area (Michigan) 2007
“[The works of]”
     Harrisburg (Illinois) 2008
     Jay County (Indiana) 2007 Sept.- Oct. 2007

Miriam Grace Monfredo
“North Star Conspiracy”
     * State-wide program (Alaska) 2002
     Brookline (Massachusetts) 2006
     Central Valley (New York) 2007
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2005

Louis Carlos Montalvan
“Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him”
     Louisburg (Kansas) 2013

Luis Carlos Montalván
“Until Tuesday”
     Huntington Beach (California) 2015

Sy Montgomery
“Good, Good Pig”
     Warren County (Pennsylvania) 2010

Elizabeth Moon
“Speed of Dark”
     Howard County (Maryland) 2008

Gary Moore
“Playing with the Enemy”
     Kankakee County (Illinois) 2007
     Naperville (Illinois) 2009 (Adult)-
     Atmore (Alabama) 2010

Gary W. Moore
“Playing wit the Enemy”
     Batavia (Illinois) 2010
“Playing with the Enemy”
     Seward (Nebraska) 2009
     Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet (Illinois) 2008-09

Kenny Moore
“Bowerman and the Men of Oregon”
     Deschutes County (Oregon) 2007
     Eugene - Springfield (Oregon) 2008

Laura Moriarty
“Center of Everything”
     Lawrence (Kansas) 2006 Feb. - Mar.

Michael Morpurgo
“Mozart Question”
     Allen (Texas) 2009-10 (youth

Bob Morris
“Bermuda Schwartz”
     Lake County (Florida) 2007 (adult)

Wright Morris
“Home Place”
     * State-wide program (Nebraska) 2010

Toni Morrison
“One City, One Author: A Celebration of Toni Morrison”
     Greensboro (North Carolina) 2007 (special) -

Greg Mortenson
“Three Cups of Tea”
     Rehoboth (Massachusetts) 2008
     Manhattan (Kansas) 2008 October
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2008
     Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet (Illinois) 2007-08
     Richardson (Texas) 2009
     Hanson (Massachusetts) 2009
     Belmont (Massachusetts) 2008
     Athol (Massachusetts) 2008
     Chelmsford (Massachusetts) 2009
     Framingham (Massachusetts) 2009
     Long Beach (California) 2009
     Alliance (Ohio) 2010
     Beverly (Massachusetts) 2010
     Eden Prairie (Minnesota) 2009
     Central Valley (New York) 2011
“Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time”
     Teton Valley (Idaho) 2008

Greg Mortenson, David Oliver Relin
“Three Cups of Tea”
     Pembroke (Massachusetts) 2010

Howard Mosher
“Stranger in the Kingdom”
     Glastonbury (Connecticut) 2003

Howard Frank Mosher
“Stranger in the Kingdom”
     Conway (Mt. Washington Valley) (New Hampshire) 2006
“Northern Borders”
     Chatham (New York) 2007
     Western New York (New York) 2004

Walter Mosley
“Little Scarlet”
     Los Angeles (California) 2005

Farley Mowat
“Never Cry Wolf”
     Northwest Indiana (Indiana) 2007 (teen) -

Bill Moyers
“Fooling With Words: A Celebration of Poets and Their Craft”
     Seattle (Washington) 2001

Siddhartha Mukerjee
“Emperor of All Maladies”
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2011

Thomas Mullen
“Last Town on Earth”
     Western New York (New York) 2008

Tori Murden McClure
“Pearl in the Storm”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2010

Louise Murphy
“True Story of Hansel and Gretel”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2006 (adult) -

Yannick Murphy
     Western New York (New York) 2012

Joan Murray
“Queen of the Mist”
     Buffalo (New York) 2001

Azar Nafisi
“Reading Lolita in Tehran”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2005
     South Hadley (Massachusetts) 2004
     Rolette (North Dakota) 2008
“Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir of Books”
     Bloomington (Indiana) 2004

Gloria Naylor
“Women of Brewster Place”
     Atlanta (Georgia) 2007 #2

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
     Prior Lake-Savage (Minnesota) 2004-05 (chapter book) -

Sonia Nazario
“Enrique's Journey”
     San Diego (California) 2007
     Glendale (California) 2008
“Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm”
     Mount Prospect (Illinois) 2007 (high school and adult)

John G. Neihardt
“Black Elk Speaks”
     * State-wide program (Nebraska) 2017

John Nichols
“Milagro Beanfield”
     Denver (Colorado) 2006

Audrey Niffenegger
“Time Traveler's Wife”
     Santa Monica (California) 2007
     Seward (Nebraska) 2005

Abdi Nor Iftin
“Call Me American”
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2019
     Canton (Massachusetts) 2019

Elizabeth Nunez
“Prospero's Daughter”
     Miami (Florida) 2006

Tim O'Brien
“Things They Carried”
     Chicago (Illinois) 2003 (Fall)
     Sycamore (Illinois) 2006
     Valparaiso (Indiana) 2005
     Vigo County (Indiana) 2004
     Groton (Massachusetts) 2007
     Kalamazoo (Michigan) 2006
     Eden Prairie (Minnesota) 2007
     St. Paul (Minnesota) 2006-07 (adult)
     St. Peter (Minnesota) 2002
     Watauga County (North Carolina) 2002
     Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) 2005
     Richmond (Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico) (Virginia) 2003
     Austin (Minnesota) 2003
     College Station + Bryan (Texas) 2008
     Wilmington (Massachusetts) 2009
     Pittsfield (Massachusetts) 2010
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2010

Flannery O'Connor
“Good Man is Hard To Find and Other Stories”
     Savannah (Georgia) 2004 April 5-9

Scott O'Dell
“Island of the Bue Dolphins”
     Santa Barbara (California) 2007 (juvenile)

Tawni O'Dell
“Back Roads; Coal Run; Sister Mine; Fragile Beasts”
     Warren County (Pennsylvania) 2011

Stewart O'Nan
“Circus Fire”
     Manchester (Massachusetts) 2008
“Good Wife”
     Berlin, Newington, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield (Connecticut) 2006

Eugene O'Neill
“Long Days Journey Into Night”
     San Leandro (California) 2007

Barack Obama
“Dreams from my Father”
     * State-wide program (Kansas) 2010

Robert OImstead
“Coal Black Horse”
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2010

Daniel Okrent
“Prohibition: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition”
     Dedham (Massachusetts) 2012

Robin Oliveira
“My Name is Mary Sutter”
     Schenectady (New York) 2011
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2015

Robert Olmstead
“Coal Black Horse”
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2008 (adult) -

Susan Orlean
“Orchid Thief”
     Sanibel (Florida) 2006-07

Julie Otsuka
“When the Emperor was Divine”
     Santa Barbara (California) 2005
     Silicon Valley (California) 2006 #1
     Cheshire (Connecticut) 2007
     Westport (Connecticut) 2004
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2006 (Adult) -
     Carmel (Indiana) 2004 (adult) -
     Johnson County (Iowa) 2005
     Topeka (Kansas) 2005
     St. Peter (Minnesota) 2004
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2006
     Centre County (Pennsylvania) 2008
     Logan (Utah) 2005
     Salt Lake City (Utah) 2006 (autumn/winter-fiction) -
     Salt Lake County (Utah) 2006
     Seattle (Washington) 2005
     Ipswich (Massachusetts) 2008
     Glendale (California) 2007
     Howard County (Maryland) 2009
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2008

Jim Ottaviani
“T-Minus: The Race for the Moon”
     Allen (Texas) 2010-11 (Junior-

ZZ Packer
“Drinking Coffee Elsewhere”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2006

R.J. Palacio
     Santa Monica (California) 2013

Linda Sue Park
“Single Shard”
     Arlington (Virginia) 2006 (children) -
“Project Mulberry”
     Mount Prospect (Illinois) 2007 (grades 5-7)

T. Jefferson Parker
“California Girl”
     Fallbrook (California) 2006
“Iron River”
     Carlsbad (California) 2012

Gordon Parks
“Learning Tree”
     * State-wide program (Kansas) 2007 -Jan. 29-April 30
     El Dorado (Kansas) 2007
     Iola (Kansas) 2008
     Louisburg (Kansas) 2007

Ann Patchett
“Bel Canto”
     Boise (Idaho) 2003
     Teton Valley (Idaho) 2003 (Fall)
     Johnson County (Iowa) 2003
     Lincoln (Nebraska) 2003 Sept.-Nov.
     Dane County (Wisconsin) 2003
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2008
     Wilton (Connecticut) 2009

David Patneaude
“Thin Wood Walls”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2006 (Children) -

Katherine Patterson
“Bread and Roses, Too”
     Hamilton-Wenham (Massachusetts) 2009

Gary Paulsen
     Twin Cities (Minnesota) area (Minnesota) 2002
     Holden (Massachusetts) 2008
“[The works of]”
     Naperville (Illinois) 2002 Jan-Feb.
     Mahtomedi (Minnesota) 2005

Randy Pausch
“Last Lecture”
     Park City (Utah) 2008
     Sycamore (Illinois) 2008

Walter Payton
“Never Die Easy”
     Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet (Illinois) 2006-07

Matthew Pearl
“Last Dickens”
     Mansfield (Texas) 2010

Nancy Pearl
“Book Lust”
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2010

Richard Peck
“Long Way from Chicago”
     Lake Villa (Illinois) 2003 Apr. - Sept.
     Carmel (Indiana) 2004 (children) -
     Davenport (Iowa) 2003 April - May
     Holden (Massachusetts) 2004
     Chattanooga (Tennessee) 2005 (middle) -
     Sycamore (Illinois) 2009
“Long Way from Chicago” and “A Year Down Yonder”
     Jacksonville (Illinois) 2005 Feb. - Sept
“Long Way Home”
     Merrimack (New Hampshire) 2005
“Long Way from Chicago”
     Bloomington-Normal (Illinois) 2002
“River Between Us”
     Red Wing (Minnesota) 2007
     Cape Girardeau (Missouri) 2005

Dolen Perkins-Valdez
     Santa Monica (California) 2011

Michael Perry
“Population 485: Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time”
     Eden Prairie (Minnesota) 2006
     St. Peter (Minnesota) 2006
     Manawa (Wisconsin) 2004
     Excelsior (Minnesota) 2007

Nathaniel Philbin
“In the Heart of the Sea”
     Marblehead (Massachusetts) 2007

Nathaniel Philbrick
“In The Heart of the Sea”
     Glastonbury (Connecticut) 2004
     Sandwich (Massachusetts) 2005
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2006
     Manchester (Massachusetts) 2007
     Plymouth (Massachusetts) 2007
     Pembroke (Massachusetts) 2012
“Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War”
     Wilbraham (Massachusetts) 2008

Caryl Phillips
“Crossing the River”
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2004 (adult) -

Nancy Pickard
“Virgin of Small Plains”
     * State-wide program (Kansas) 2009 -

Jodi Picoult
“My Sister's Keeper”
     Enfield (Connecticut) 2006
     Middletown (Connecticut) 2006
     Naperville (Illinois) 2006 (adult) -
     Shelby County (Indiana) 2008 (adult) -
     Bridgewater (Massachusetts) 2006-07
     North Reading (Massachusetts) 2007 (adult)
     Sandwich (Massachusetts) 2007 #2
     Grand Rapids (Michigan) 2006
     Lakeshore Area (Michigan) 2006
     Montcalm County (Michigan) 2006
     Saginaw Area (Michigan) 2006
     Contoocook (New Hampshire) 2006
     Schenectady (New York) 2007
     Canton (Ohio) 2007
     Richardson (Texas) 2006
“Nineteen Minutes”
     Dayton (Ohio) 2009

Daniel Pink
“Whole New Mind”
     Naperville (Illinois) 2008 (adult non-fiction) -

William Pinkney
“As Long As It Takes”
     Southington (Connecticut) 2008

Daniel Pinkwater
“Hoboken Chicken Emergency”
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2005 (middle grade) -

Robert Pinsky and Maggie Dietz
“An Invitation to Poetry: A New Favorite Poem Project Anthology”
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2009

Carol Plum-Ucci
“Body of Christopher Creed”
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2004

Edgar Allan Poe
“Edgar Allan Poe - selected short stories”
     Jamestown (New York) 2004

Edgar Allen Poe
“Works of Edgar Allen Poe”
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2009

Patricia Polacco
“Thank You Mr. Falker”
     Chattanooga (Tennessee) 2005 (young) -

Michael Pollan
“In Defense of Food”
     Silicon Valley (California) 2010
“Omnivore's Dilemma”
     Norwell (Massachusetts) 2011
     Williamstown (Massachusetts) 2008 #2 -
     Lexington (Massachusetts) 2008

Gene Stratton Porter
     Greenwood (Indiana) 2007

Chaim Potok
     Gainesville (Florida) 2007

Julie Powell
“Julie & Julia”
     Greenfield (Massachusetts) 2010

Richard Powers
“Echo Maker”
     Seward (Nebraska) 2008

Stephen Puleo
“Dark Tide”
     Holliston (Massachusetts) 2008
     Beverly (Massachusetts) 2009
     Abington (Massachusetts) 2013
“Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919”
     Stoughton (Massachusetts) 2009
     Ipswich (Massachusetts) 2010
     Rehoboth (Massachusetts) 2012

David Quammen
“Song of the Dodo”
     McMinnville (Oregon) 2006

Tom Rachman
     Brookline (Massachusetts) 2011

Aron Ralston
“Between a Rock and a Hard Place”
     Bozeman (Montana) 2011

Ron Rash
“Saints at the River”
     Columbia (South Carolina) 2012
     * State-wide program (West Virginia) 2011

Nancy Rawles
“My Jim”
     Seattle (Washington) 2009

Janisse Ray
“Ecology of a Cracker Childhood”
     * State-wide program (Georgia) 2002 (Title chosen from the 2002 Georgia Top 25 Reading List)

Helen Recorvits
“My Name is Yoon”
     Mount Prospect (Illinois) 2007 (pre-school - grade 2)

Marc Reisner
“Cadillac Desert”
     Durango-La Plata County (Colorado) 2003
     Pagosa Springs (Colorado) 2006 April

Davis Relin
“Second Suns”
     Park City (Utah) 2014

Kristen Renner
“Quest of the Century”
     Lake County (Florida) 2006 (teens) -

David Rhodes
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2010

Michelle Richmond
“Year of Fog”
     Silicon Valley (California) 2011

Pietra Rivoli
“Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy”
     Santa Barbara (California) 2008

Dr. Terreance Roberts
“Lessons from Little Rock”
     Huntington Beach (California) 2014

Kate Roberts
“Minnesota 150: The People, Places, and Things that Shape Our State”
     Thief River Falls (Minnesota) 2008 July

Adele Crockett Robertson
     Beverly (Massachusetts) 2002
“Orchard: A Memoir”
     Ipswich (Massachusetts) 2005 April
     Manchester (Massachusetts) 2006
     Newburyport (Massachusetts) 2003 Feb.

Adelle Crockett Robertson
“Orchard: A Memoir”
     Bedford (Massachusetts) 2009

Marilynne Robinson
     Boise (Idaho) 2001
     Santa Barbara (California) 2008 Fall

Mary Ann Rodman
“Yankee Girl”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2010 (children) -

Philip Roth
“Plot Against America”
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2008

Susan L. Roth, Cindy Trumbore
“Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families”
     Hamilton-Wenham (Massachusetts) 2012

Arundhati Roy
“God of Small Things”
     Buffalo (New York) 2004

Mary Doria Russell
“Thread of Grace”
     Bloomington-Normal (Illinois) 2007
“Dreamers of the Day”
     Dayton (Ohio) 2010

Richard Russo
“Empire Falls”
     Wilmington (Massachusetts) 2004
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2003
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2003
     Chelmsford (Massachusetts) 2007
“That Old Cape Magic”
     Wilton (Connecticut) 2010

Pam Muñoz Ryan
“Esperanza Rising”
     Bakersfield (California) 2003 (juvenile) -
     Orlando (Florida) 2006
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2008 (children) -
     Baltimore (Maryland) 2007
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2008
     St. Paul (Minnesota) 2005-06
     Arlington (Virginia) 2008 (children) -

Terry Ryan
“Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio”
     Hudson (Massachusetts) 2007
     Ashtabula and Trumbull Counties (Ohio) 2005
     Wadsworth (Ohio) 2006

Tom Ryan
“Following Atticus”
     Conway (Mt. Washington Valley) (New Hampshire) 2011

Louis Sachar
     Nevada County (California) 2007
     Orlando (Florida) 2004
     Baltimore (Maryland) 2005
     Holden (Massachusetts) 2003
     Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) 2002 (young readers) -
     Austin (Texas) 2003
     Seattle (Washington) 2002
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2004

J. D. Salinger
“Catcher in the Rye”
     Roseville (California) 2006

Laney and Gay Salisbury
“Cruelest Miles”
     Rowayton (Connecticut) 2004

Mark Salzman
“Iron and Silk”
     Watauga County (North Carolina) 2005
     La Canada Flintridge (California) 2005
     Pasadena (California) 2002
     Westport (Connecticut) 2007
     North Attleborough (Massachusetts) 2009
     Duxbury (Massachusetts) 2008
“[The works of]”
     Saratoga (California) 2006

Ferrol Sams
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2007
“Run with the Horsemen”
     Grove Hill (Alabama) 2007

Les Sandiford
“Last Train to Paradise”
     Central Florida (Florida) 2006

Annette Sanford
“Eleanor &Abel”
     Victoria (Texas) 2005

Esmeralda Santiago
“When I Was Puerto Rican”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2004
     Holyoke (Massachusetts) 2008

Marjane Satrapi
     Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) 2006 #2
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2005 (high school/adult) -
     New Hanover (North Carolina) 2007
     Arlington (Virginia) 2006 (teens) -
     Seattle (Washington) 2006
     Lafayette (Indiana) 2009
     Deerfield, Bannockburn and Riverwoods (Illinois) 2010
“Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return”
     Miami (Florida) 2004 (Fall)

Eric Schlosser
“Chew on this: Everything You Don't Want to Know about Fast Food”
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2009 (young adults)
“Fast Food Nation”
     Bakersfield (California) 2008

Gary D. Schmidt
“Lizzie Bright and the Buckminister Boy”
     Bangor (Maine) 2006
“Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy”
     North Andover (Massachusetts) 2008 (young adult)
“Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boys”
     South Haven (Michigan) 2008
“Okay for Now”
     Allen (Texas) 2013

Will Schwalbe
“End of Your Life Book Club”
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2012

R. A. Scotti
“Sudden Seas: The Great Hurricane of 1938”
     Haddam and Killingworth (Connecticut) 2007 (nonfiction)

Lisa See
“Peony in Love”
     Fairhope (Alabama) 2008
“Shanghai Girls”
     Carlsbad (California) 2013
“Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”
     Roseville (California) 2008
     Naperville (Illinois) 2007 (adult fiction)
“Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane”
     Canton (Massachusetts) 2018
     Sharon (Massachusetts) 2018

Charles Seife
“Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea”
     Alexandria (Virginia) 2005 (Summer)

George Selden
“Cricket in Times Square”
     Orlando (Florida) 2008

Brian Selznick
“Invention of Hugo Cabret”
     Naperville (Illinois) 2008 (children) -
     Fairfield (Connecticut) 2009

Danzy Senna
     South Orange/Maplewood (New Jersey) 2003
     Dane County (Wisconsin) 2002

Diane Setterfield
“Thirteenth Tale”
     Lincoln (Nebraska) 2008
     Lincoln (Nebraska) 2008

Jeff Shaara
“Gods and Generals”
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2005

Michael Shaara
“Killer Angels”
     Howard County (Indiana) 2007
     Bangor (Maine) 2002
     Carroll County (Maryland) 2006
     Ipswich (Massachusetts) 2013
     South Bend (Indiana) 2013
     Sunderland (Massachusetts) 2007
     Cumberland-Dauphin Counties (Pennsylvania) 2002
     McEwensville, Milton, Northumberland, Selinsgrove, Sunbury (Pennsylvania) 2005
     Batavia (Illinois) 2009

Mary Ann Shaffer
“Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”
     Rehoboth (Massachusetts) 2009-10

Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows
“Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”
     Central(New Hampshire) (New Hampshire) 2010

William Shakespeare
“Romeo and Juliet”
     Gainesville (Florida) 2002-03

B. A. Shapiro
“Art Forger”
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2014

B.A. Shapiro
“Art Forger”
     Abington (Massachusetts) 2016

Nancy Shaw
“Raccoon Tune”
     * State-wide program (Michigan) 2008

Mary Shelley
     Allen County (Fort Wayne) (Indiana) 2005
     Greenwood (Indiana) 2006
     Valparaiso (Indiana) 2006
     East Lansing (Michigan) 2003
     Duluth (Minnesota) 2005
     Ithaca/Tompkins County (New York) 2002
     Tacoma (Washington) 2005
     Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 2004
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2014
     South Bend (Indiana) 2014

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
     Colorado Springs (Colorado) 2003

Peter Shelton
“Climb to Conqueror”
     Vail (Colorado) 2004 (Spring)

Richard Shelton
“Going Back to Bisbee”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2007
     Sierra Vista (Arizona) 2007

Anita Shreve
“Weight of Water”
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2012

Diane Siebert
“Tour America”
     Waco (Texas) 2007-08 -

Dai Sijie
“Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress”
     Santa Monica (California) 2003
     Westwood (Massachusetts) 2004 (adults)-
     Fairfax County (Virginia) 2006

Anita Silvey
“Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Children's Book”
     Hamilton-Wenham (Massachusetts) 2010

Charles Simic
“Sixty Poems”
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2008-09

Rachel Simon
“Riding the Bus With My Sister”
     Alliance (Ohio) 2005
     Abington (Pennsylvania) 2006
     Centre County (Pennsylvania) 2005
“Riding the Bus with My Sister: A True Life Journey”
     Houston (Texas) 2006

Graeme Simsion
“Rosie Project”
     Dayton (Ohio) 2015

Alan Siporin
“Fire's Edge”
     Eugene - Springfield (Oregon) 2003

Peter Sis
“Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain”
     Loudoun County (Virginia) 2009

Rebecca Skloot
“Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”
     Park City (Utah) 2011
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2011
     Malden (Massachusetts) 2014

Robin Sloan
“Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore”
     Richardson (Texas) 2014
     Malden (Massachusetts) 2015

Rebecca Sloot
“Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”
     Dayton (Ohio) 2011

Alexander McCall Smith
“Tears of the Giraffe”
     Mobile (Alabama) 2004
“No. 1 Ladies' Dectective Agency”
     Carlsbad (California) 2008
“No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency”
     Howard County (Indiana) 2006
     Grand Rapids (Michigan) 2004
     Marquette (Michigan) 2005
     Pierce County (Washington) 2008

Alison Smith
“Name All the Animals”
     Rochester (New York) 2006

April Smith
“Star for Mrs. Blake”
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2014

Bob Smith
“Hamlet's Dresser”
     Stratford (Connecticut) 2007

Diane Smith
“Letters from Yellowstone”
     * State-wide program (Montana) 2005

Jordan Fisher Smith
“Nature Noir”
     Nevada County (California) 2008

Lee Smith
“On Agate Hill”
     Western North Carolina (North Carolina) 2007
     Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties (Virginia) 2007

Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
“Girls of Tender Age”
     Farmington Valley (Connecticut) 2007
     Southington (Connecticut) 2007
“Girls of Tender Age: A Memoir”
     East of the Connecticut River (Towns of Andover, Bolton, Colchester, Columbia, Glastonbury , Hebron, Manchester, Marlborough, and Portland) (Connecticut) 2006

Patrick Smith
“Land Remembered”
     Central Florida (Florida) 2003
     Indian River County (Florida) 2007
     Lee County (Florida) 2005
     Pinellas (Florida) 2004
     Sanibel (Florida) 2005

Roland Smith
     Iola (Kansas) 2008 Fall

Susan E. Snyder
“There's a frog trapped in the bathroom”
     Lake County (Florida) 2007 (youth) -

Dalia Sofer
“Septembers of Shiraz”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2008 (adult) -

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
“One Day in the Life”
     Chicago (Illinois) 2006 (Spring)

Jordan Sonnenblick
“Notes from the Midnight Driver”
     Allen (Texas) 2015

Julia Spencer-Fleming
“In the Bleak Midwinter”
     Western New York (New York) 2005
“Out of the Deep I Cry”
     Augusta (Maine) 2009

Art Spiegelman
     Bucks County (Pennsylvania) 2005
“Maus: A Survivor's Tale”
     Highland Park (Illinois) 2008

Mark Spragg
“An Unfinished Life”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2006
     Putnam County (Indiana) 2008
     Ingham County (Michigan) 2006
     Billings (Montana) 2006 (Nov) -
     Western New York (New York) 2007
     Salt Lake City (Utah) 2005-06 (fiction) -
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2007
“Where Rivers Change Direction”
     Teton Valley (Idaho) 2007
“[The works of]”
     Casper (Wyoming) 2004

Michael Spragg
“An Unfinished Life”
     Ionia County (Michigan) 2007

Warren St. John
“Outcasts United”
     San Diego (California) 2010
     Eden Prairie (Minnesota) 2011
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2011
     Bloomington-Normal (Illinois) 2010
     Malden (Massachusetts) 2012

Wallace Stegner
“All the Little Live Things”
     Walnut Creek (California) 2007
“Angle of Repose”
     Durango-La Plata County (Colorado) 2002
     Boise (Idaho) 2004
     Salt Lake City (Utah) 2007-08 (winter-fiction) -

Garth Stein
“Art of Racing in the Rain”
     Western New York (New York) 2010
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2009
     Long Beach (California) 2013
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2010
     Richardson (Texas) 2010

John Steinbeck
“Cannery Row”
     Danville and San Ramon (San Ramon Valley) (California) 2004
“Grapes of Wrath”
     San Leandro (California) 2001
“Of Mice and Men”
     Pasco County (Florida) 2002
     Lynchburg (Virginia) 2002 Apr.1 - May 15
“Grapes of Wrath”
     * State-wide program (California) 2004
     Bakersfield (California) 2002 Summer-Fall
     Sierra Madre (California) 2003
     Sonoma County (California) 2002
     Boise (Idaho) 2002
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2007 (TBR)
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2004
     Scranton (Pennsylvania) 2007 (TBR)
     Salt Lake City (Utah) 2007 (spring/summer-fiction) -
     Fullerton (California) 2010
     Roseville (California) 2007
     Santa Ana (California) 2002
     White Plains (New York) 2002
     Knox County, Knoxville, Farragut (Tennessee) 2002
“Travels with Charley”
     Carlsbad (California) 2010
“Travels with Charley: In search of America”
     La Canada Flintridge (California) 2004
     North Reading (Massachusetts) 2003
     Virginia (Minnesota) 2005
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2004
     Long Island (New York) 2005
“[The works of]”
     Neenah (Wisconsin) 2002

Thomas Steinbeck
“Down to a Soundless Sea”
     Contra Costa County (communities of Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda) (California) 2007

Louise Steinman
“Souvenir: A Daughter Discovers Her Father's War”
     Silicon Valley (California) 2006 #2

Robert Louis Stevenson
“Treasure Island”
     Colorado Springs (Colorado) 2004
     Enfield (Connecticut) 2004
     Carroll County (Maryland) 2008
     Peabody (Massachusetts) 2005 (Fall)
     Pembroke (Massachusetts) 2011

Sarah Stewart
     Allen (Texas) 2008-09 (youth:9-14) -

Kathryn Stockett
“Ida B.”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2009 (children) -
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2010

Francisco Stork
“Marcello in the Real World”
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2010

Cheryl Strayed
     Dayton (Ohio) 2014

Bill Strickland
“Make the Impossible Possible”
     Alliance (Ohio) 2011

David Strohmaier
“Seasons of Fire”
     Pagosa Springs (Colorado) 2007 (Nonfiction)

Elizabeth Strout
“Olive Kitteridge”
     Wilmette (Illinois) 2010

William Styron
“Sophie's Choice”
     * State-wide program (Virginia) 2000

Manil Suri
“Death of Vishnu”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2008

Ron Suskind
“Hope in the Unseen”
     Wilmette (Illinois) 2007
     Summit (New Jersey) 2006
     Buffalo (New York) 2002
     Watauga County (North Carolina) 2004
     Logan (Utah) 2004
     *State-wide program (Maryland) 2008

James L. Swanson
“Manhunt: The Twelve-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer”
     Frederick (Maryland) 2007

Lalita Tademy
“Cane River”
     San Francisco (California) 2007

Amy Tan
“Joy Luck Club”
     Las Vegas (Nevada) 2007
“Saving Fish From Drowning”
     Marin (California) 2008
“Joy Luck Club”
     Fresno County (California) 2007
     Bridgeport (Connecticut) 2008
     Miami (Florida) 2007 (fall)
     Honolulu (Hawaii) 2007
     Vigo County (Indiana) 2006
     Duluth (Minnesota) 2007
     Fergus Falls (Minnesota) 2008
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2007 (adult)-
     Harris County (Texas) 2007

Beverly Tatum
“Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria”
     Ann Arbor (Michigan) 2004
     Detroit (Michigan) 2004
     Lynchburg (Virginia) 2008

Clifton Taubert
“Little Cliff and the Porch People”
     Miami-Dade area (Florida) 2005

Studs Terkel
“American Dreams: Lost and Found”
     Jamestown (New York) 2003
“Giants of Jazz”
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2007 (Adult)

James Alexander Thom
“Follow the River”
     Clermont County (Ohio) 2003
     * State-wide program (West Virginia) 2005

Angie Thomas
“Hate U Give”
     Malden (Massachusetts) 2018

Tynia Thomassie
“Feliciana Feydra LaRoux”
     Allen (Texas) 2014

Jean Thompson
“Year We Left Home”
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2013

Karen Thompson Walker
“Age of Miracles”
     Western New York (New York) 2014

Yvonne S. Thornton
“Ditchdigger's Daughter”
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2006
     Highland Park (New Jersey) 2007

James Thunder
“My Life and Hard Times”
     Lake Villa (Illinois) 2009

James Thurber
“My Life and Hard Times”
     Tiffin (Ohio) 2003

Tim Tingle
“Walking the Choctaw Road”
     * State-wide program (Alaska) 2005
     * State-wide program (Oklahoma) 2005

J.R.R. Tolkien
“Fellowship of the Ring”
     Wallingford (Connecticut) 2002 Dec.

Robert Towne
     Pagosa Springs (Colorado) 2006 April-May

Jennifer Traig
“Devil in the Details”
     Woodland (California) 2006

Adriana Trigiani
“Big Stone Gap”
     Greenwood (Indiana) 2004
     Seward (Nebraska) 2006
     * State-wide program (West Virginia) 2008

Dawn Tripp
“Season of Open Water”
     Dedham (Massachusetts) 2012

Peter Troy
“May the Road Rise Up to Meet You”
     Western New York (New York) 2013

Gail Tsukiyama
“Samurai's Garden”
     Albany (California) 2007
     Brentwood (California) 2007
     Danville and San Ramon (San Ramon Valley) (California) 2006
     Stoughton (Massachusetts) 2005

Nancy E. Turner
“These Is My Words”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2008

Scott Turow
“Ordinary Heroes”
     Springfield (Illinois) 2006
     Ingham County (Michigan) 2007

Mark Twain
“Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”
     Pueblo (Colorado) 2007
“Huck Finn”
     Cedarburg (Wisconsin) 2005
“Puddn'head Wilson”
     Jamestown (New York) 2002
“Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”
     Batavia (Illinois) 2003
     West Boylston (Massachusetts) 2004
     Duluth (Minnesota) 2004
     Virginia (Minnesota) 2004
     Winona (Minnesota) 2005
     Bartlesville (Oklahoma) 2005
“Adventures of Tom Sawyer”
     Davenport (Iowa) 2004
“[The works of]”
     La Crosse (Wisconsin) 2004

Ann Tyler
“Digging to America”
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2008

Anne Tyler
“Digging to America”
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2008
     Arlington (Virginia) 2006 (adult) -
     Bedford (Massachusetts) 2007
     Methuen (Massachusetts) 2008

Timothy Tyson
“Blood Done Sign My Name”
     Alliance (Ohio) 2009

Brady Udall
“Miracle Life of Edgar Mint”
     Vail (Colorado) 2003 Mar.-Apr.

Thrity Umrigar
“World We Found”
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2012

Luis Alberto Urrea
“Into the Beautiful North”
     Galveston County (Texas) 2011
     Fairfield (Connecticut) 2010
     Santa Monica (California) 2014
“Devil's Highway”
     Yuma (Arizona) 2006
“Hummingbird's Daughter”
     San Francisco (California) 2006

Chris Van Allsburg
“Chronicles of Harris Burdick”
     Allen (Texas) 2014

Wendelin Van Draanen
“"Sammy Keyes" Mystery series”
     Allen (Texas) 2012
“the Sammy Keyes mysteries”
     Allen (Texas) 2011-12 (junior-

Chris Van Dusen
“If I Built a Car”
     Allen (Texas) 2011

Guy Vanderhaeghe
“Last Crossing”
     * State-wide program (Montana) 2007

Marta Moreno Vega
“When the Spirits Dance Mambo”
     New York City (New York) 2007

Vivian Vande Velde
“Heir Apparent”
     Boise (Idaho) 2007 (young adult) -

Kurt Vonnegut
“[The works of]”
     Indianapolis (Indiana) 2007

Susan Vreeland
“Girl in Hyacinth Blue”
     Fallbrook (California) 2004 Mar. 6- Apr. 30
     * State-wide program (Mississippi) 2004
     Spokane Area (Washington) 2005
“Forest Lover”
     Sumner (Washington) 2007
“[The works of]”
     Bremerton (Washington) 2005

Alice Walker
“Color Purple”
     Miami (Florida) 2007 Feb

Frank X Walker
     * State-wide program (West Virginia) 2013

Mildred Walker
“Winter Wheat”
     * State-wide program (Montana) 2003

Carolyn Wall
“Sweeping up Glass”
     Thousand Oaks (California) 2010

Daniel Wallace
“Big Fish”
     Gadsden (Alabama) 2006-07
     South Baldwin County (Alabama) 2003
     Northwest Indiana (Indiana) 2005
     Wayne County (North Carolina) 2005
     Allen (Texas) 2014

Velma Wallis
“Two Old Women”
     Sterling (Massachusetts) 2006
“Two Old Women: An Alaskan Legend of Betrayal, Courage, and Survival”
     Ronan (Montana) 2002 -03 -

Jeanette Walls
“Glass Castle”
     Galveston County (Texas) 2009

Jeannette Walls
“Glass Castle”
     Middletown (Connecticut) 2007
     Battle Creek (Michigan) 2008
     East Lansing (Michigan) 2006
     Saginaw Area (Michigan) 2007
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2007
     Dayton (Ohio) 2007
     Findlay-Hancock County (Ohio) 2008
     Richardson (Texas) 2007
     Culpeper (Virginia) 2007
     Neenah (Wisconsin) 2006
     Cayuga County (New York) 2008

Jess Walter
“[The works of]”
     Spokane Area (Washington) 2007

Chip Ward
“Canaries on the Rim”
     Park City (Utah) 2009

Donna Wares
“My California Journeys By Great Writers”
     Whittier (California) 2007

Robert Penn Warren
“All the King's Men”
     Huntsville (Alabama) 2002 June
     Bakersfield (California) 2007

Larry Watson
“Montana 1948”
     Bloomington-Normal (Illinois) 2004
     Zionsville (Indiana) 2007
     Ionia County (Michigan) 2006
     Traverse City (Michigan) 2005
     La Crosse (Wisconsin) 2003
“White Crosses”
     Wahpeton (ND) and Breckenridge (MN) (North Dakota) 2003

Will Weaver
“Sweet Land”
     Prior Lake-Savage (Minnesota) 2007-08 (adult) -
“Sweet Land: New and Selected Stories”
     Austin (Minnesota) 2008

Andy Weir
     Malden (Massachusetts) 2016

H. G. Wells
“War of Worlds”
     Gainesville (Florida) 2004

H.G. Wells
“Time Machine”
     Lafayette (Indiana) 2008

Rosemary Wells
“Bunny Cakes”
     * State-wide program (Kansas) 2006

Eudora Welty
“Collected Stories of Eudora Welty”
     * State-wide program (Mississippi) 2009 -
“Ponder Heart”
     Davenport (Iowa) 2006

Tom Wessels
“Reading the Forested Landscape”
     Hamilton-Wenham (Massachusetts) 2008

Jessamyn West
“Friendly Persuasion”
     Connersville (Indiana) 2005
     Indianapolis (Indiana) 2002 -03 -

Stanley Gordon West
     Wahpeton (ND) and Breckenridge (MN) (North Dakota) 2004

W.D. Wetherell
“Wisest Man In America”
     Hanover (New Hampshire) 2011

E. B. White
“Charlotte's Web”
     Orlando (Florida) 2002
     Omaha (Nebraska) 2007 (kids)
     Madbury (New Hampshire) 2006
     Westchester (New York) 2002

Michael C. White
“Garden of Martyrs”
     Northampton (Massachusetts) 2006
     Easthampton (Massachusetts) 2006

Colson Whitehead
“Sag Harbor”
     Long Island (New York) 2011

Elie Wiesel
     Carlsbad (California) 2007
     Chicago (Illinois) 2002 (Spring)
     Bridgewater (Massachusetts) 2007-08 -
     Wayne County (North Carolina) 2006
     Brown County (Green Bay) (Wisconsin) 2007

Simon Wiesenthal
“Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness”
     Loudoun County (Virginia) 2004

Marianne Wiggins
“Shadow Catcher”
     Santa Monica (California) 2009

Thornton Wilder
“Our Town”
     Norwell (Massachusetts) 2005
     Wakefield (Massachusetts) 2002
     Haworth (New Jersey) 2004
     Scranton (Pennsylvania) 2005
     Cedarburg (Wisconsin) 2004
“Bridge of San Luis Rey”
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2002
     Waukesha (Wisconsin) 2004

Terry Tempest Williams
     Park City (Utah) 2012

Connie Willis
     Springville (Utah) 2005(adult) -
“Doomsday Book”
     Batavia (Illinois) 2008
     Chattanooga (Tennessee) 2006-07 (adult)

Karman Wilson
“Bear Feels Sick”
     * State-wide program (Kansas) 2008

Simon Winchester
“Man Who Loved China”
     Wilmette (Illinois) 2009

Janice Woods Windle
“Will's War”
     Abilene (Texas) 2002-03 (selection for adults)

Jacqueline Winspear
“Maisie Dobbs”
     Wilbraham (Massachusetts) 2006
     Sierra Madre (California) 2014

Jeanette Winter
“Librarian of Basra”
     Nantucket (Massachusetts) 2007 (children)

Elizabeth Winthrop
“Counting on Grace”
     * State-wide program (Vermont) 2007
“Castle in the Attic”
     Omaha (Nebraska) 2008

Tom Wolfe
“Right Stuff”
     Bakersfield (California) 2002

Tobias Wolff
“Barracks Thief”
     Highland Park (Illinois) 2008 Summer

Virginia Euwer Wolff
“Bat 6”
     * State-wide program (Oregon) 2009 (youth) -

Jacqueline Woodson
     Prior Lake-Savage (Minnesota) 2004-05 (teen) -
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2004 (youth) -

Richard Wright
“Uncle Tom's Children”
     * State-wide program (Mississippi) 2008

Kao Kalia Yang
     Holliston (Massachusetts) 2009
“Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir”
     Austin (Minnesota) 2011

A. B. Yehoshua
“Woman in Jerusalem”
     * State-wide program (Rhode Island) 2006-07

Robin Yocum
     Alliance (Ohio) 2014

Jane Yolen
“Briar Rose”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2006 (teens) -

Fareed Zakaria
“Post American World”
     Carlisle (Massachusetts) 2009

Paul O. Zelinsky (illustrator)
“Hansel and Gretel”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2006 (children) -

Harriet Ziefert
“My Dog Thinks I'm a Genuis”
     Allen (Texas) 2013

Markus Zusak
“Book Thief”
     Vincennes (Indiana) 2006
     Zionsville (Indiana) 2006
     Loudoun County (Virginia) 2007
     North Reading (Massachusetts) 2009
     Richardson (Texas) 2013

Markus Zuzak
“Book Thief”
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2014


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