Graphic novelist Stephan Pastis, author of the “Timmy Failure” series, presents a program in the Center for the Book’s Young Readers Center

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Background Information and How to Become a Partner

The Center for the Book's reading promotion partners network began in 1987. Now numbering more than 100, the partners are mostly national or international organizations that promote books, reading, literacy or libraries and are interested in cosponsoring promotion projects with the Center for the Book and other organizations. They are invited to use and help promote the Center for the Book's current or past themes such as Telling America's Stories, Books Make a Difference,or Explore New Worlds, READ!, and to use or adopt the Center's logo, Books Give Us Wings. Partners are expected to make every effort to participate in the annual partner's idea exchange which is held at the Library of Congress every spring. They are also asked to explore partnerships at the local level between their regional, state, or local chapters and the Center for the Book's affiliates in 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Advantages to partners include opportunities to meet representatives of other like-minded organizations, a connection with the Library of Congress that could be useful in publicity or fundraising, and a good contact point (the Center for the Book) within the Library of Congress.

Partnerships are formalized through an exchange of letters or e-mails between the director of the Center for the Book and the partnership organization. The status of the partnership is reviewed every three years by the Center for the Book. If the status appears to be inactive, after discussion with the partnership organization, the affiliation may be dropped.