"One Book" Reading Promotion Projects

Selected List by Author

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Authors Beginning with "S"

Louis Sachar
     Nevada County (California) 2007
     Orlando (Florida) 2004
     Baltimore (Maryland) 2005
     Holden (Massachusetts) 2003
     Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) 2002 (young readers) -
     Austin (Texas) 2003
     Seattle (Washington) 2002
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2004

J. D. Salinger
“Catcher in the Rye”
     Roseville (California) 2006

Laney and Gay Salisbury
“Cruelest Miles”
     Rowayton (Connecticut) 2004

Mark Salzman
“Iron and Silk”
     Watauga County (North Carolina) 2005
     La Canada Flintridge (California) 2005
     Pasadena (California) 2002
     Westport (Connecticut) 2007
     North Attleborough (Massachusetts) 2009
     Duxbury (Massachusetts) 2008
“[The works of]”
     Saratoga (California) 2006

Ferrol Sams
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2007
“Run with the Horsemen”
     Grove Hill (Alabama) 2007

Les Sandiford
“Last Train to Paradise”
     Central Florida (Florida) 2006

Annette Sanford
“Eleanor &Abel”
     Victoria (Texas) 2005

Esmeralda Santiago
“When I Was Puerto Rican”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2004
     Holyoke (Massachusetts) 2008

Marjane Satrapi
     Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) 2006 #2
     Chelsea (Michigan) 2005 (high school/adult) -
     New Hanover (North Carolina) 2007
     Arlington (Virginia) 2006 (teens) -
     Seattle (Washington) 2006
     Lafayette (Indiana) 2009
     Deerfield, Bannockburn and Riverwoods (Illinois) 2010
“Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return”
     Miami (Florida) 2004 (Fall)

Eric Schlosser
“Chew on this: Everything You Don't Want to Know about Fast Food”
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2009 (young adults)
“Fast Food Nation”
     Bakersfield (California) 2008

Gary D. Schmidt
“Lizzie Bright and the Buckminister Boy”
     Bangor (Maine) 2006
“Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy”
     North Andover (Massachusetts) 2008 (young adult)
“Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boys”
     South Haven (Michigan) 2008
“Okay for Now”
     Allen (Texas) 2013

Will Schwalbe
“End of Your Life Book Club”
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2012

R. A. Scotti
“Sudden Seas: The Great Hurricane of 1938”
     Haddam and Killingworth (Connecticut) 2007 (nonfiction)

Lisa See
“Peony in Love”
     Fairhope (Alabama) 2008
“Shanghai Girls”
     Carlsbad (California) 2013
“Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”
     Roseville (California) 2008
     Naperville (Illinois) 2007 (adult fiction)

Charles Seife
“Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea”
     Alexandria (Virginia) 2005 (Summer)

George Selden
“Cricket in Times Square”
     Orlando (Florida) 2008

Brian Selznick
“Invention of Hugo Cabret”
     Naperville (Illinois) 2008 (children) -
     Fairfield (Connecticut) 2009

Danzy Senna
     South Orange/Maplewood (New Jersey) 2003
     Dane County (Wisconsin) 2002

Diane Setterfield
“Thirteenth Tale”
     Lincoln (Nebraska) 2008
     Lincoln (Nebraska) 2008

Jeff Shaara
“Gods and Generals”
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2005

Michael Shaara
“Killer Angels”
     Howard County (Indiana) 2007
     Bangor (Maine) 2002
     Carroll County (Maryland) 2006
     Ipswich (Massachusetts) 2013
     South Bend (Indiana) 2013
     Sunderland (Massachusetts) 2007
     Cumberland-Dauphin Counties (Pennsylvania) 2002
     McEwensville, Milton, Northumberland, Selinsgrove, Sunbury (Pennsylvania) 2005
     Batavia (Illinois) 2009

Mary Ann Shaffer
“Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”
     Rehoboth (Massachusetts) 2009-10

Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows
“Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”
     Central(New Hampshire) (New Hampshire) 2010

William Shakespeare
“Romeo and Juliet”
     Gainesville (Florida) 2002-03

B. A. Shapiro
“Art Forger”
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2014

Nancy Shaw
“Raccoon Tune”
     * State-wide program (Michigan) 2008

Mary Shelley
     Allen County (Fort Wayne) (Indiana) 2005
     Greenwood (Indiana) 2006
     Valparaiso (Indiana) 2006
     East Lansing (Michigan) 2003
     Duluth (Minnesota) 2005
     Ithaca/Tompkins County (New York) 2002
     Tacoma (Washington) 2005
     Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 2004
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2014
     South Bend (Indiana) 2014

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
     Colorado Springs (Colorado) 2003

Peter Shelton
“Climb to Conqueror”
     Vail (Colorado) 2004 (Spring)

Richard Shelton
“Going Back to Bisbee”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2007
     Sierra Vista (Arizona) 2007

Anita Shreve
“Weight of Water”
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2012

Diane Siebert
“Tour America”
     Waco (Texas) 2007-08 -

Dai Sijie
“Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress”
     Santa Monica (California) 2003
     Westwood (Massachusetts) 2004 (adults)-
     Fairfax County (Virginia) 2006

Anita Silvey
“Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Children's Book”
     Hamilton-Wenham (Massachusetts) 2010

Charles Simic
“Sixty Poems”
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2008-09

Rachel Simon
“Riding the Bus With My Sister”
     Alliance (Ohio) 2005
     Abington (Pennsylvania) 2006
     Centre County (Pennsylvania) 2005
“Riding the Bus with My Sister: A True Life Journey”
     Houston (Texas) 2006

Graeme Simsion
“Rosie Project”
     Dayton (Ohio) 2015

Alan Siporin
“Fire's Edge”
     Eugene - Springfield (Oregon) 2003

Peter Sis
“Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain”
     Loudoun County (Virginia) 2009

Rebecca Skloot
“Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”
     Park City (Utah) 2011
     Boone and Callaway Counties (Missouri) 2011
     Malden (Massachusetts) 2014

Robin Sloan
“Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore”
     Richardson (Texas) 2014

Rebecca Sloot
“Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”
     Dayton (Ohio) 2012

Alexander McCall Smith
“Tears of the Giraffe”
     Mobile (Alabama) 2004
“No. 1 Ladies' Dectective Agency”
     Carlsbad (California) 2008
“No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency”
     Howard County (Indiana) 2006
     Grand Rapids (Michigan) 2004
     Marquette (Michigan) 2005
     Pierce County (Washington) 2008

Alison Smith
“Name All the Animals”
     Rochester (New York) 2006

April Smith
“Star for Mrs. Blake”
     Cincinnati (Ohio) 2014

Bob Smith
“Hamlet's Dresser”
     Stratford (Connecticut) 2007

Diane Smith
“Letters from Yellowstone”
     * State-wide program (Montana) 2005

Jordan Fisher Smith
“Nature Noir”
     Nevada County (California) 2008

Lee Smith
“On Agate Hill”
     Western North Carolina (North Carolina) 2007
     Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties (Virginia) 2007

Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
“Girls of Tender Age”
     Farmington Valley (Connecticut) 2007
     Southington (Connecticut) 2007
“Girls of Tender Age: A Memoir”
     East of the Connecticut River (Towns of Andover, Bolton, Colchester, Columbia, Glastonbury , Hebron, Manchester, Marlborough, and Portland) (Connecticut) 2006

Patrick Smith
“Land Remembered”
     Central Florida (Florida) 2003
     Indian River County (Florida) 2007
     Lee County (Florida) 2005
     Pinellas (Florida) 2004
     Sanibel (Florida) 2005

Roland Smith
     Iola (Kansas) 2008 Fall

Susan E. Snyder
“There's a frog trapped in the bathroom”
     Lake County (Florida) 2007 (youth) -

Dalia Sofer
“Septembers of Shiraz”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2008 (adult) -

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
“One Day in the Life”
     Chicago (Illinois) 2006 (Spring)

Jordan Sonnenblick
“Notes from the Midnight Driver”
     Allen (Texas) 2015

Julia Spencer-Fleming
“In the Bleak Midwinter”
     Western New York (New York) 2005
“Out of the Deep I Cry”
     Augusta (Maine) 2009

Art Spiegelman
     Bucks County (Pennsylvania) 2005
“Maus: A Survivor's Tale”
     Highland Park (Illinois) 2008

Mark Spragg
“An Unfinished Life”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2006
     Putnam County (Indiana) 2008
     Ingham County (Michigan) 2006
     Billings (Montana) 2006 (Nov) -
     Western New York (New York) 2007
     Salt Lake City (Utah) 2005-06 (fiction) -
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2007
“Where Rivers Change Direction”
     Teton Valley (Idaho) 2007
“[The works of]”
     Casper (Wyoming) 2004

Michael Spragg
“An Unfinished Life”
     Ionia County (Michigan) 2007

Warren St. John
“Outcasts United”
     San Diego (California) 2010
     Eden Prairie (Minnesota) 2011
     Concord (New Hampshire) 2011
     Bloomington-Normal (Illinois) 2010
     Malden (Massachusetts) 2012

Wallace Stegner
“All the Little Live Things”
     Walnut Creek (California) 2007
“Angle of Repose”
     Durango-La Plata County (Colorado) 2002
     Boise (Idaho) 2004
     Salt Lake City (Utah) 2007-08 (winter-fiction) -

Garth Stein
“Art of Racing in the Rain”
     Western New York (New York) 2010
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2009
     Long Beach (California) 2013
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2010
     Richardson (Texas) 2010

John Steinbeck
“Cannery Row”
     Danville and San Ramon (San Ramon Valley) (California) 2004
“Grapes of Wrath”
     San Leandro (California) 2001
“Of Mice and Men”
     Pasco County (Florida) 2002
     Lynchburg (Virginia) 2002 Apr.1 - May 15
“Grapes of Wrath”
     * State-wide program (California) 2004
     Bakersfield (California) 2002 Summer-Fall
     Sierra Madre (California) 2003
     Sonoma County (California) 2002
     Boise (Idaho) 2002
     Bath and Brunswick (Maine) 2007 (TBR)
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2004
     Scranton (Pennsylvania) 2007 (TBR)
     Salt Lake City (Utah) 2007 (spring/summer-fiction) -
     Fullerton (California) 2010
     Roseville (California) 2007
     Santa Ana (California) 2002
     White Plains (New York) 2002
     Knox County, Knoxville, Farragut (Tennessee) 2002
“Travels with Charley”
     Carlsbad (California) 2010
“Travels with Charley: In search of America”
     La Canada Flintridge (California) 2004
     North Reading (Massachusetts) 2003
     Virginia (Minnesota) 2005
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2004
     Long Island (New York) 2005
“[The works of]”
     Neenah (Wisconsin) 2002

Thomas Steinbeck
“Down to a Soundless Sea”
     Contra Costa County (communities of Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda) (California) 2007

Louise Steinman
“Souvenir: A Daughter Discovers Her Father's War”
     Silicon Valley (California) 2006 #2

Robert Louis Stevenson
“Treasure Island”
     Colorado Springs (Colorado) 2004
     Enfield (Connecticut) 2004
     Carroll County (Maryland) 2008
     Peabody (Massachusetts) 2005 (Fall)
     Pembroke (Massachusetts) 2011

Sarah Stewart
     Allen (Texas) 2008-09 (youth:9-14) -

Kathryn Stockett
“Ida B.”
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2009 (children) -
     Winnetka-Northfield (Illinois) 2010

Francisco Stork
“Marcello in the Real World”
     Arlington (Massachusetts) 2010

Cheryl Strayed
     Dayton (Ohio) 2014

Bill Strickland
“Make the Impossible Possible”
     Alliance (Ohio) 2011

David Strohmaier
“Seasons of Fire”
     Pagosa Springs (Colorado) 2007 (Nonfiction)

Elizabeth Strout
“Olive Kitteridge”
     Wilmette (Illinois) 2010

William Styron
“Sophie's Choice”
     * State-wide program (Virginia) 2000

Manil Suri
“Death of Vishnu”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2008

Ron Suskind
“Hope in the Unseen”
     Wilmette (Illinois) 2007
     Summit (New Jersey) 2006
     Buffalo (New York) 2002
     Watauga County (North Carolina) 2004
     Logan (Utah) 2004
     *State-wide program (Maryland) 2008

James L. Swanson
“Manhunt: The Twelve-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer”
     Frederick (Maryland) 2007


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