"One Book" Reading Promotion Projects

Selected List by Author

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Authors Beginning with "M"

Amin Maalouf
“Leo Africanus”
     Ann Arbor (Michigan) 2005

Malcolm MacPherson
“Cowboy and His Elephant”
     Grand County (Colorado) 2006

Tim Madigan
“I'm Proud of You: Life Lessons from My Friend Fred Rogers”
     Mansfield (Texas) 2009

Michelle Magorian
“Goodnight, Mr. Tom”
     Holden (Massachusetts) 2007

Gregory Maguire
     Saratoga Springs (New York) 2006

Adeline Yen Mah
“[The works of]”
     Orange County (California) 2003

Bernard Malamud
     Peabody (Massachusetts) 2008
     Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania) 2006

Thomas Maltman
“Little Wolves”
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2014

St. John Mandel
“Station Eleven”
     Santa Monica (California) 2016

Sonia Manzano
“No Dogs Allowed”
     Miami-Dade area (Florida) 2004

Coin Marisa
     Thousand Oaks (California) Silver

Yann Martel
“Life of Pi”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2004
     Santa Clarita (California) 2005
     Naperville (Illinois) 2005
     Traverse City (Michigan) 2003
     Irving (Texas) 2006
     Salt Lake County (Utah) 2007
     Santa Barbara (California) 2003
     Jacksonville (Florida) 2005
     Contoocook (New Hampshire) 2003
     Central Valley (New York) 2009

Lee Martin
“[The works of]”
     Harrisburg (Illinois) 2003

Man Martin
“Days of the Endless Corvette”
     Bowling Green (Kentucky) 2008

Bobbie Ann Mason
“In Country”
     * State-wide program (West Virginia) 2010

David Mas Masumoto
“Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm”
     Bakersfield (California) 2006
     Brentwood (California) 2006
     Nevada County (California) 2006
     Sacramento (California) 2005
     San Joaquin County (California) 2004
     Silicon Valley (California) 2005
     Woodland (California) 2003

Claire Hamner Matturro
“Sweetheart Deal”
     Sarasota County (Florida) 2008

Anna Jean Mayhew
“Dry Grass of August”
     Columbia (South Carolina) 2013

Archer Mayor
“Surrogate Thief”
     Berlin, Newington, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield (Connecticut) 2007

James McBride
“Song Yet Sung”
     *State-wide program (Maryland) 2009
     Baltimore (Maryland) 2009
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2009
     Winchester (Massachusetts) 2009
     Nashua (New Hampshire) 2011
“Color of Water”
     Hartford (Connecticut) 2003
     Windsor (Connecticut) 2003
     Cambridge (Massachusetts) 2003
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2005
     Springfield (Massachusetts) 2005
     East Lansing (Michigan) 2004
     Flint/Genesee County (Michigan) 2004
     Kalamazoo (Michigan) 2005
     Marquette (Michigan) 2002
     Saginaw Area (Michigan) 2003
     Long Island (New York) 2007
     New York City (New York) 2002 Oct.(kickoff) -
     Durham (North Carolina) 2005
     Alliance (Ohio) 2004
     Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) 2005 (fall) -
     Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) 2004
     Lynchburg (Virginia) 2003
     Fort Collins (Colorado) 2006

Laura McBride
“We Are Called to Rise”
     Western New York (New York) 2015
     Richardson (Texas) 2015

Colum McCann
“Let the Great World Spin”
     Wilmette (Illinois) 2011

Susan Carol McCarthy
“Lay That Trumpet In Our Hands”
     Montcalm County (Michigan) 2008

Elizabeth McCracken
“Niagara Falls All Over”
     * State-wide program (Iowa) 2004
“Giant's House”
     Leverett (Massachusetts) 2007
“[The works of]”
     Southeast Michigan (Michigan) 2005

Sharyn McCrumb
“Ballad Novels”
     Oak Ridge (Tennessee) 2006
“Ballad of Frankie Silver”
     Macomb County Area (Michigan) 2003 Apr.-Aug.
     Lynchburg (Virginia) 2004
“Hangman's Beautiful Daughter”
     Northern Kentucky (Kentucky) 2007

Carson McCullers
“Heart is a Lonley Hunter”
     Columbus (Georgia) 2002

David McCullough
     Bedford (Massachusetts) 2006

Marc McCutcheon
“Kid Who Named Pluto”
     Waco (Texas) 2005-06

Alice McDermott
“Charming Billy”
     Richmond (Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico) (Virginia) 2005

Sidney S. McMath
“Promises Kept”
     * State-wide program (Arkansas) 2003 #2 -

Larry McMurtry
“Lonesome Dove”
     * State-wide program (Texas) 2002 (Adult selection) -

David McPhail
“Mole Music”
     Allen (Texas) 2009-10 (picture book

John McPhee
“Pine Barrens”
     * State-wide program (New Jersey) 2004

Brad Meltzer
“Zero Game”
     STATEWIDE (Florida) 2006

Herman Melville
“Moby Dick”
     Falmouth (Massachusetts) 2010

Dinaw Mengestu
“Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears”
     Seattle (Washington) 2008

Roland Merullo
“Breakfast with Buddha”
     Broomfield (Colorado) 2008
     Southampton (Massachusetts) 2009
“Talk Funny Girl”
     Conway (Mt. Washington Valley) (New Hampshire) 2013

Lisa Michaels
“Grand Ambition”
     * State-wide program (Arizona) 2005 #2 -

James A. Michener
“Tales of the South Pacific”
     Bucks County (Pennsylvania) 2007

Ben Mikaelsen
“Touching Spirit Bear”
     Valparaiso (Indiana) 2007
     El Dorado (Kansas) 2006
     Iola (Kansas) 2006 #1

Candice Millard
“River of Doubt”
     Long Island (New York) 2010

Arthur Miller
     Scranton (Pennsylvania) 2005
     Chicago (Illinois) 2007 (fall)
     Peabody (Massachusetts) 2002
     Tacoma (Washington) 2006
“[The works of]”
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2002-03

E. Ethelbert Miller
“Fathering Words: The Making of An African American Writer”
     * State-wide program (District of Columbia) 2003

Jacquelyn Mitchard
“Cage of Stars”
     Lakeshore Area (Michigan) 2007
“[The works of]”
     Harrisburg (Illinois) 2008
     Jay County (Indiana) 2007 Sept.- Oct. 2007

Miriam Grace Monfredo
“North Star Conspiracy”
     * State-wide program (Alaska) 2002
     Brookline (Massachusetts) 2006
     Central Valley (New York) 2007
     Syracuse and Onondaga County (New York) 2005

Louis Carlos Montalvan
“Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him”
     Louisburg (Kansas) 2013

Luis Carlos Montalván
“Until Tuesday”
     Huntington Beach (California) 2015

Sy Montgomery
“Good, Good Pig”
     Warren County (Pennsylvania) 2010

Elizabeth Moon
“Speed of Dark”
     Howard County (Maryland) 2008

Gary Moore
“Playing with the Enemy”
     Kankakee County (Illinois) 2007
     Naperville (Illinois) 2009 (Adult)-
     Atmore (Alabama) 2010

Gary W. Moore
“Playing wit the Enemy”
     Batavia (Illinois) 2010
“Playing with the Enemy”
     Seward (Nebraska) 2009
     Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet (Illinois) 2008-09

Kenny Moore
“Bowerman and the Men of Oregon”
     Deschutes County (Oregon) 2007
     Eugene - Springfield (Oregon) 2008

Laura Moriarty
“Center of Everything”
     Lawrence (Kansas) 2006 Feb. - Mar.

Michael Morpurgo
“Mozart Question”
     Allen (Texas) 2009-10 (youth

Bob Morris
“Bermuda Schwartz”
     Lake County (Florida) 2007 (adult)

Wright Morris
“Home Place”
     * State-wide program (Nebraska) 2010

Toni Morrison
“One City, One Author: A Celebration of Toni Morrison”
     Greensboro (North Carolina) 2007 (special) -

Greg Mortenson
“Three Cups of Tea”
     Rehoboth (Massachusetts) 2008
     Manhattan (Kansas) 2008 October
     Bowling Green (Ohio) 2008
     Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet (Illinois) 2007-08
     Richardson (Texas) 2009
     Hanson (Massachusetts) 2009
     Belmont (Massachusetts) 2008
     Athol (Massachusetts) 2008
     Chelmsford (Massachusetts) 2009
     Framingham (Massachusetts) 2009
     Long Beach (California) 2009
     Alliance (Ohio) 2010
     Beverly (Massachusetts) 2010
     Eden Prairie (Minnesota) 2009
     Central Valley (New York) 2011
“Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time”
     Teton Valley (Idaho) 2008

Greg Mortenson, David Oliver Relin
“Three Cups of Tea”
     Pembroke (Massachusetts) 2010

Howard Mosher
“Stranger in the Kingdom”
     Glastonbury (Connecticut) 2003

Howard Frank Mosher
“Stranger in the Kingdom”
     Conway (Mt. Washington Valley) (New Hampshire) 2006
“Northern Borders”
     Chatham (New York) 2007
     Western New York (New York) 2004

Walter Mosley
“Little Scarlet”
     Los Angeles (California) 2005

Farley Mowat
“Never Cry Wolf”
     Northwest Indiana (Indiana) 2007 (teen) -

Bill Moyers
“Fooling With Words: A Celebration of Poets and Their Craft”
     Seattle (Washington) 2001

Siddhartha Mukerjee
“Emperor of All Maladies”
     Gwinnett County (Georgia) 2011

Thomas Mullen
“Last Town on Earth”
     Western New York (New York) 2008

Tori Murden McClure
“Pearl in the Storm”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2010

Louise Murphy
“True Story of Hansel and Gretel”
     Eastern Connecticut (Connecticut) 2006 (adult) -

Yannick Murphy
     Western New York (New York) 2012

Joan Murray
“Queen of the Mist”
     Buffalo (New York) 2001


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